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  • Are low cost laptops adequate for creative writing purposes?

    Are you a creative writer and planning to go for a low-cost laptop? Ask our technical experts if that is sufficient for your purpose.

    Some companies like iball and ASUS have low-cost laptops in the market. These laptops are powered by Intel quad core processor with 2GB RAM and hard disk storage of 32GB or slightly more. The hard disk can be expanded. Windows 10 home edition is available with them.

    These are not having high disk storage or any specific or special graphic cards for better gaming experiences.

    Now my question is, is the offered configuration adequate for a person who uses these devices only for creative content writing or article writing and not for games or internet surfing in his smartphone?
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  • I myself use a laptop that cost me Rs.25,000. I bought it in July 2013 and it is still working nicely. The configurations are 4 GB RAM, Intel i3 2nd Gen processor, 500GB hard drive and a 15-inch screen. Though I also looked at the lower cost options like the one you are mentioning, on second thoughts I preferred to go a little higher since it doesn't hurt to have a device that has the power to perform a little more than we require.

    And I am happy that I took that decision since I have used it to do a little gaming, image processing and coding which sometimes ask for a little more power than the configuration you mentioned are capable to provide.

    From a pure perspective of content writing which will involve online browsing and image processing, you can go for the specifications you have mentioned. I would though also suggest that if you plan to go for those hardware configurations do consider using a Linux OS rather than Windows 10 which will help you save even more of the processing power and since your work will be limited to Word processors and Web browsers, most Linux distributions would easily fulfill your needs. This will save you on both the fronts of cost of laptop and better performance with low end hardware configuration.

  • Yeah, the provided configuration provided by you is enough for a laptop which is only used for writing purpose. If you want to get a laptop only for writing purpose then 2GB RAM , Intel i3 and 15 inch screen is adequate for you. I am providing you the list of laptops that are best for writing purpose:-

    1. Acer ES Core i3 6th Gen
    This laptop has Intel i3 core processor along with GB DDR4 RAM and 500 GB HDD. 15 inches HD Display is also provided in this 64 bit Linux/Unbuntu Operating System. The price of the laptop is Rs 24,990.

    2. Lenovo Core i3 6th Gen
    Lenovo has a laptop with Intel i3 processor along with 4 GB DDR4 RAM. The device has 500 GB HDD drive and DOS Operating system. The price of this laptop is just Rs 24,990 on Flipkart.

    3. HP-be016TU
    This laptop has 15.6 inches screen along with 6th Gen Corei3-6006U processor. 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB HDD is provided with this laptop. The price of this laptop is Rs 27,490 on

    These are some of the laptops which are sorted according to your demands. If you want to purchase some other laptops then you can surely visit the commercial websites available online. Right now there is some offer going on. Hence, if you purchase a laptop online then you can definitely get up to Rs. 5000 OFF.

  • When you just want to write content and do word processing task in such case netbook, chrome book and celeron laptops are more than enough. You don't need RAM more than 2GB. Also you don't need any fancy graphics card or the GPU. All you need is decent device with RAM and operating system. This type of requirement is possible to be acquired under 18K.

    Some of the options that you may want to look at in this case.

    1. ACER Switch S10EW : This laptop has 10 inch screen, 2GB RAM, Windows 10 and 32GB Space. You can use Word or Libreoffice or even Google docs. And the machine is more than enough in this case. Cost Rs. 13000. (Amazon)

    2. Lenovo Ideapad Mix : This laptop is lot cheaper model from Lenovo. It has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. And it comes with Windows 10 OS. So you can guess it is a good investment as it costs Rs. 15,000. (Amazon)

    3. iBall Compobook : This laptop has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. And it comes Windows 10 preinstalled. It costs Rs, 12399. (Amazon)

    Any one of the above netbook is good enough for writing use or for simple work.

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