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  • I am interested in buying a Chromebook

    Do you want to have a bird's eye view about a Chromebook? You can get it from our technical experts.

    I am interested in buying a Chromebook. I need suggestions from the experts regarding the same.
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  • Chromebooks are laptops based on Linux system and Google's chrome OS is used in them. So we have windows, Mac and now chrome OS.

    These laptops are now picking up in sales specially in US schools for educational purposes. As they are based on Linux system the security from virus threat is very high. Their booting up time is also faster and they use cloud for their storage and other needs.

    Chromebook relies on internet connections for using many apps and if you do not have a Wi-Fi or regular net data connection you may not be able to use many apps offline. In some Chromebooks Android accessibility is also there which makes it more powerful.

    Microsoft office is available only online and using Google drive you can edit documents online.

    Continuous improvements are going on in Chromebook and it is expected that it may lead in sales in comparison to Windows in 2-3 yrs time.

    The prices are in the range of Rs 12000-45000 and the main players are Asus, Lenovo, Dell and Samsung.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I won't suggest going for Chromebooks unless your requirements are completely online based. Chromebooks are majorly being used by organizations, especially educational institutes whose needs are quite limited and they want to go for low budget solutions. For them, it makes sense and similarly for any other limited requirement Chromebooks have been the best selling category. However, for individual users, a laptop which can hold applications offline too and has a little more power than what Chromebooks offer would be a better option.

    When Chromebooks came in 2014 there was a lot of activity around the Chrome OS. Applications were being developed and we were seeing many new things. Now, however, since the demand is limited except from educational institutions, the supply of new of apps has reached a plateau.
    There are plans to bring in changes that would allow Android apps to run on Chromebooks but that looks like a band-aid solution at this point of time.

    Do also consider that Chromebooks give very little margins to the hardware manufacturers and brings very few users to Google. From a purely commercial perspective, Google or any other company has very less to gain from investing much money in the Chrome ecosystem and hence it doesn't make much sense to buy a hardware that might not have much after sales support a few years from now.

  • First of all What's a Chromebook?
    Chromebooks are the laptops that can do anything. These laptops don't run on Windows or Ubuntu OS but it runs on OS that is named as Chrome OS. These Chromebooks are not for doing heavy work but they are for those types of people who generally use laptop for web browsing, emails, social networking and for some office reports. The Chromebooks don't have so much of internal storage as Google believes that the person who do this kind of job generally keep the cloud storage technology. Don't ever buy Chromebooks if you're planning to do heavy tasks or even you want to play games. If you're feeling comfortable with Windows then don't ever look towards Chromebooks.

    But Chromebook is a good choice for travelers, inspiration seekers, explorers, makers, builders, apprentices, warriors, storytellers, creators, music lovers, families, students etc. Chromebooks keep the latest virus protection updated and the best thing of Chromebooks is that it doesn't slow down over time.

    There are different Chromebooks available online they are:-
    1. Dell Chromebooks D44PV Chromebook 318o
    The price of this device is Rs 21,345 on
    2. HP G4 14-inch Chromebook
    The price of this device is Rs 35,903 on
    3.ASUS C202SA-GJ0050 Chromebook
    The price of this Chromebook is Rs 18,500 on
    4.Google Chromebook Pixel 2013
    The price of the Chromebook is Rs 40,772 on

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