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  • I would like to know about my current electricity bill

    Are you doubtful about the amount of money to be paid for the electricity bill? Ask our technical experts how to be sure about the calculation and pay the right amount.

    My current electricity bill amount is Rs.795. The current reading is 814. Fixed charge is Rs.60. Meter rent is Rs.12. The energy charge is Rs.801.60. Duty is Rs.69.40 and I am having a single phase meter. Is the bill amount correct? Hope I will get a reply because I am having a doubt about my current electricity bill.
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  • You haven't mentioned the Units consumed and the slab that your Electricity distribution company is using or at least the name of the company. Without those, it is not possible to give you an accurate answer.

    By a rough estimate with the electricity charges at my own home as a reference, if your consumption is a little more than 100 units then this is a proper billing amount.

  • As you have not given the last meter reading it is not possible to compute the amount.

    Anyway the first 100 unit consumed are generally charged at a lower rate around Rs 3 per unit and after that for the slab of 101-300 units it increases to about Rs 6-7 per unit and increases further for the next slabs by reaching almost Rs 12-13 per unit for units above 1000.

    You can use the above approximate rates for calculating your bill amount accordingly. The amount you get is to be multiplied by 1.5 to take care of other taxes etc. This would be approximately the final bill amount.

    The above calculation may vary from state to state but the methodology is same.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You haven't mentioned the initial and final reading. Hence it's not possible to calculate the electricity bill for you. From next time onward you must check the initial and final reading so that you can get the amount of units consumed. After that, if your total units consumed is between the following ranges the per unit charge will be different for different ranges.

    1. First 150 units - Rs 4.4 per unit
    2. 151-300 Units - Rs 4.95 per unit.
    3. 301-500 units- Rs 5.6 per unit.
    4. 501 & Above- Rs 6.2 per unit.

    The above charges per unit are for Uttar Pradesh. The charges per unit will vary for different states. After calculating the electricity charges by multiplying the unit consumed and the charges per unit you have to add the additional charges of the respective fields and then add the additional charges like meter rent, duty charge etc. The above steps will definitely help you to calculate the energy charges for your home.

  • Get both of your last electricity bill and current electricity bill in front of you and compare the difference between both bills.

    You will understand the actual figure of voltage consumption. Also, there is 100% accuracy in the electricity bills now. Because, electricity board is sending bills with snap of meter readings every month. So it is not possible for printing wrong bills.

    Find out what are the electric appliances you are using at your home and calculate voltage usage.

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