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  • Connectivity Failure when using ping command

    Are you facing Connectivity Failure when using ping command? Our technical experts can provide you with the best possible solutions.

    There are many possible errors when we are not getting connectivity while we are browsing over laptop or mobile.

    Here are the errors that I am getting while pinging to cmd prompt:

    ping -t

    Ping : transmit failed . General Failure
    Ping : transmit failed . General Failure
    Ping : transmit failed . General Failure

    As shown in the image too, what would be possibilities of such errors?


    Ping Connectivity Error

  • Answers

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  • Usually Transmit failure arises when your computer is sending packets but the Website or Server is not replying to the packets. Or it can even happen when your computer is unable to send packets.
    Literally, if its problem no. 1, then I am so sorry you cannot do anything but it Is very less likely to happen because it's Google.

    So, In Case of Problem no. 2 you can go for solution listed below which will surely help you to solve your problem.

    1. Check your Internet Connection - There might me issues with your internet connection that's why your device is not able to send packets to the website. So, check your internet connection by either opening any webpage in your browser or connect it to any other device.

    2. Administrator Privileges – It is very likely to happen, but still try to run Command Prompt as Administrator (can be done by right clicking on CMD and clicking on Run as Administrator) and then ping the servers.

    3. Reset your Network Configuration – If any of above solutions are not solving your problem then you should go for a DNS flush by executing commands below in same pattern.



    ipconfig /flushdns

    netsh int ip reset c:\tcp.txt

    netsh winsock reset

    4. Update Adapter Drivers – There are possible chances that your WiFi drivers are outdated which is much likely to cause this issues. Update your WiFi adapter to latest version of driver which will make it faster and secure as well.

    If you are still facing any issue after completing all these steps, then please feel free to comment below. And If possible upload your Log file as well for future reference.

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  • Transmit fail means it is clear that one of your network device is disconnected, not computer. It means, your network switch or network router is not properly connected to network. In this case, you need to connect your network device, re-check if the network switch or network router which needs to be connected with the network cable properly. There is no chance of running extra commands in the operating system to resolve this issue as I suspect the issue is with cable connections.

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