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    What specs on a laptop for a kid?

    Going to get a laptop for your school going kid? Here's what our technical experts suggest to look for.

    I want to buy a laptop for my 12-year-old. He plays lots of online games like Minecraft & Roblox, as well as streaming YouTube videos (usually at the same time) He also needs the usual functions for school work. I don't know what specs I should be looking for. It is very confusing! What would you recommend for processor, RAM, and memory? I don't want to spend any more than I need to, on a machine for a kid.
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  • The games you have mentioned require quite low-end specifications compared to what some other games like Call of Duty will require. YouTube will open on a browser which again doesn't require any heavy processing. School related tasks most probably won't have any heavy software either unless you child is doing some video processing.
    Hence, what I would suggest is that be future safe and go for below-mentioned specifications which are a little more than you require but will take care of any future requirements in case you have for some higher processing power.

    RAM: 4GB
    Processor: Intel i3 4th generation
    Hard drive: 500GB
    Graphics card: Not required, the in build one that comes with most laptops will suffice
    OS: Original Windows 10

    From a personal experience, go for laptops from ASUS which are usually priced little less than other brands but work great and are trustworthy.

  • For children the higher specification may not be required. In my opinion 2GB ram with 500GB storage is sufficient with basic processing and inbuilt graphic card.

    There are some low priced models by iball and ASUS which may be adequate for a child's requirement.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As you have mentioned that your child plays a lot of games and stream youtube videos at the same time, all these process consumes a lot of CPU and hence you should buy a laptop with good processor. At least i5 is required for smooth gaming experience. However, you can move on with a RAM of 4 GB but on graphics card you can't rely upon the one which are included with the laptop. You must have some recent graphics card of at least 2 GB because both the video and gaming experiences depend largely upon GPU and graphics card that you are using.
    500 GB of hard disk is good enough. Otherwise your child may experience slow and lagging response and image distortion at times which will ruin his gaming experience. Even you will regret for not spending some more bucks.
    Prevention is better than cure so you better go for some quality product and don't compromise with an ordinary one.

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