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  • How to get result for duplicate value with lookup ?

    How to get the best result to a duplicate value with lookup? Our technical experts would explain you

    I have multiple data with duplicate value. I want to lookup on these locums to get all data.
    For ex. In column A1 it contains 8080 and B1 contains Yes, same happens to column A2 that contains 8080 and B1 containing No. How to lookup to get both data in column D?
  • Please find attached file of example. (5157-1-Please-find-attached-file-of-example.xlsx)
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  • From your question it is not very clear that whether you want to find out the duplicates or similar but having different corresponding row cell values against them.

    Anyway, for identifying duplicate values you have to select all the values in the columns for which you want to find out duplicates. After this select conditional formatting in excel home and go to cells rules and choose duplicate values. This selection will catch all the duplicates in the selected range.

    Now you can remove them or temporarily move to another column till you handle the remaining data in the original column.

    If you want to go further for logical removal of data for a particular condition you will have to choose if (condition) then (do this) by selecting the range on which you want to do this logical separation.

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