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    Which is the best blogging platform Wordpress or Blogger ?

    Would you prefer Wordpress or Blogger for your new blogging platform? Ask our technical experts which one would suit you best.

    I want to start my blog but I am a little bit confused in choosing a blogging platform. Please suggest the best suitable one in terms of SEO which would also easy in writing & formatting among WordPress cms (not And please share your views with some pros & cons for both these platforms.
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  • Self hosted WordPress is a good option over Blogger for many reasons.

    SEOWordPress allows you more control over on page SEO which you can't have on blogger. For example, you don't have control over the permalinks and the robots.txt etc. Make sure you use All in one SEO plugin. Avoid Yoast SEO plugin because there are ads and constant popups of premium version is included.

    Writing & Formatting WordPress has lot better text editor options for media support such as twitter and YouTube videos. In case of blogger you can't add twitter or Facebook post inside the content. Also WordPress has zen mode for distraction free writing. As you can see it has lot of writing options such as that and in next version the editor will be similar to

    Themes As far as themes are concerned WordPress takes the edge. You can use page builder like Elementor and you'd be able to get more control over design aspect. And that's one reason you'd find many bloggers on blogger are struggling. It is not a flexible editor on page you get at

    Plugins WordPress has better plugins and you can easily edit them to customize as your own. Compared that to blogger which has nothing. So you can guess you'd have more work on blogger and less on WordPress based platform.

    So if you have long term plans for blogging and design, then WordPress is a good choice. If you just want some platform to write and do nothing much other than that, then, and all are equally suitable.

  • For beginners is a good choice as all sorts of blogs and articles right from basic and beginner's post are frequently seen there.

    Once you reach a good level in your posts or blogs you can switch over to WordPress which is a good place for seasoned content writers. It has an international feel and also has a large number of bloggers from all over the world are working here.

    Knowledge is power.

  • By any standard, WordPress is the best option for blogging. There are several reasons that would put it above Blogger.

    Ownership of the blog

    Blogger is owned by Google and you do not have any kind of any ownership on the service. Your blog is at the mercy of Google which can shut down your blog for any reason that Google may deem to be fit. WordPress, on the other hand, is completely your own blog. You are free to use any of the content as per your choice.


    Appearance is what sets both the platforms completely apart. You have a wider choice of themes and designs for your blog in WordPress. Your blogger blog has a limited choice of templates that you can choose. WordPress lets you create your own template for your blog if you can design one. You can get thousands of paid templates and themes that you can use to create your blogs.


    This can be a concern in WordPress though. Google has its own robust security service that takes care of your blogger blog. WordPress is quite secure, but being a self hosted blog, it comes with its own set of security issues. You will not get any automated security features, but would need to have your security system in place.

    Backup and migration

    Migrating your blog to another platform or hosting service may not be an easy task with Blogger. There is an ample chance of your data and SEO being lost. WordPress lets you move your site to a new hosting with ease. You will not lose any of the SEO ranking that you have earned.

    To make it simple, let me list out the Pros and Cons of both Blogger and WordPress -

    Blogger Pros
    • It is free to use. This makes it best suited for beginners.
    • It offers you a user friendly interface.
    • Reliability is the name of the game.
    • The service is quite secure.

    Blogger Cons
    • If you are an advanced blogger, you may find it a little tougher.
    • There are frequent complaints about losing template customisations.
    • There are no high end features.
    • The features are quite limited.

    WordPress Pros
      It gives you an absolute control over everything you do with your blog.
    • Option to have your own domain name.
    • Your blog has a contemporary look and design.

    WordPress Cons
    • It may not suit the newbies as you have to go through a couple of customisation options.
    • The platform needs you to pay for the custom domain and hosting.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I have used both.
    As a beginner, who is more focused on starting up his/her writing skill, Blogger gives a nice push to start with. It would introduce into the basics of blogging and you can try your hands on, experimenting with the features that it provides. If your blog is not much in a requirement for a full-fledged Menu system and other features like Forum and Discussion, Blogger is definitely good to start with and carry on for days till you don't change your mind. As it is Free, you don't feel the pinch if your Blog doesn't click, or you lose interest in between.
    But if you are serious about your stuff, and looking for a platform, where the Menu has a lot of contribution to your site, then Wordpress would be the one, you should opt for.
    There you can customise the entire scenario, go on add plug-ins as per your wish and take full control of your site with as many features you want.
    But a little bit of technical knowledge would be required to opt for Wordpress if you are doing it alll by yourself, whereas any naive can start their blog with Blogger in no time. One more advantage of Blogger is the sign in process, where you simply need to visit the blogger page if you are already signed in with your Gmail account. As we all are generally logged in our Gmail account, it takes you to the Blogger skipping the sign-in page.
    The other thing is coordinating and synchronising with the sharing pages of Social Media, which is easier in Blogger than that of Wordpress, and to get traffic to your Blogger page you need no extra effort as such, whereas Wordpress would not make these things that easy.
    So depending on your current and long-term plans, you can choose among these two.

  • I personally like Blogspot for couple of reasons, few of them are briefed as below.

    Since Content is the King, the hype on WP, that it is better for SEO is unreal. The best content from any Blogspot platform can chase out any custom domain or WP or other similar various platforms' content.

    Many actually don't know the best and potential features and advantages of Blogspot, so, they find it to be complicated and difficult to use them effectively. But if you look carefully, other platforms don't even provide that much.

    DMCA works good with Blogspot since Google is very serious about copyrights issue.

    Using free Blogspot blog, you can get free AdSense option whereas other platform's own revenue opportunity sources to get through the paid option or to change from one service to another.

    Blogspot platform keep on updating their latest updates and features, unlike other platforms, about which many are unaware of. The flexible design, plugins and other requirements can be obtained at Blogspot as well which many feels difficult and simply use free plugin on other platforms.

    Like that there are many other advantages in Blogspot platform.


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