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  • How to know my new IFSC Code after the State Bank of India Merge?

    Did your State Bank Group bank account got merged with the State Bank of India and now you are not sure what your IFSC code is? Know the solution to this problem from our experts and know how to resume your Net banking transactions.

    Recently all the affiliates of State Bank have merged with SBI and there was a lot of confusion even a few days back while making online payments. Now it is said that the branches will have a new IFSC code after merging with SBI. I have an account with State Bank of Hyderabad. But now since it has merged with SBI, it must have got a new IFSC code. To test what is the current status, I tried to transfer a minimal amount to that bank, but it is saying"the credit bank is not functioning". I tried every way to get the new IFSC online, but in vain. The Customer Care number is not responding either. I am out of station, and can't reach the branch physically right now. But I need it urgently to receive payments through NEFT.

    Is there any way to find the new IFSC code other than visiting the branch? Please let me know.
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  • SBI has already finalised the new IFSC codes for the merged banks and it's branches. These are available in SBI site.
    What you have to do is give the details of your branch and it's address and you will get the new IFSC code.
    You can also find these codes very conveniently from another site -

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  • The IFSC codes will be changed in a phased manner. You can check out the official site of State Bank of India. The IFSC codes are also available with the IFSC code services that are available online. You can check out the Mobile apps meant for the purpose.

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  • Post merger, certain branches of SBI associate banks have been closed while the others are functioning as the branches of SBI. While the customers who use internet banking facility have been least affected, those who prefer visiting branches for their day to day operations, have been a bit confused about their current branch, new branch code, new IFSC code., etc.

    Expecting that you use Internet Banking of the SBI/Associate Bank, you can easily find the updated branch and corresponding new IFSC Code. Please follow below steps:

    1. Log in to Onlinesbi portal.
    2. Click 'Account Statement' link on the left side of the portal under 'My Account & Profile' tab.
    3. Select the Account number and choose any month, you wish to take statement.
    4. Choose view/pdf option of the account statement and submit.
    5. Check the Statement received, you will find the new branch, its address and new IFSC code.

    In case you don't use Internet Banking, you need to visit or call the branch to get the new code.

    Tip: Use Internet Banking Facility (in case you don't), it saves a lot of time and efforts.

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