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    Windows Network Connection Error Message - Not able to enable or disable the network

    Is your Windows Network Connection giving error Messages? Are you looking for ways to troubleshoot this problem? Our technical experts can guide you through.

    I am using Windows 7 Basic since more than 4 years and from last week I am facing problem of the windows network connection error message about I am not able to enable or disable it in order to successfully use my LAN or wireless network.

    It automatically sometimes connects or disconnects and malfunctions. I would like to know which are the components responsible for such errors in Windows networking?

    I have attached a photo below for your immediate reference

    wireless error
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  • If you have problem in disabling the Network connection then try disabling it using the device Manager.Using the device manager often solves this issue.

    If this also doesn't works then do the following steps:-
    1.You should run the installer of the your current Windows version and then replace the network driver.
    2.After replacing the network driver you can then disable the network connections.

    You can also use command prompt to solve this problem. Click on the start button then find cmd and right click on it and choose to Run as Administrator. Then type "netsh winsock reset catalog" and press the enter key and then again type "netsh int ip reset reset.log" and press the enter key. After these steps restart the computer.

    There is one more solution if the above steps doesn't work on your computer.
    Try to start your computer in safe mode.
    You can start you computer in safe mode by pressing F5key as the windows logo appears on the screen.
    When the computer opens then go to the "C:\windows\system32".
    Rename the folder catroot2 to catroot2old.
    After than you should restart the computer.

    Hope the above methods can help you to solve the problem,

  • You can try disabling and then re enabling the network connection. This can be done through Control Panel. Here are the ways you can achieve it -

    Using Device Manager
    • Launch Device Manager. You can do it by going into Devices and Printers from Control Panel.
    • Scroll to Network Adapter section.
    • Right click on the different entries and from the options available , choose to disable and enable it.

    Using Control Panel
    Follow the steps here below -
    • Launch Control Panel.
    • Open Network and Sharing Center
    • Click on Change Adapter Settings.
    • Right click on the network connection you would want to enable or disable.
    • From the context menu that appears, click on Enable or Disable as the case may be.

    If you are not able to do it by any means, follow the steps indicated by the above response. My issues with network connection were effectively solved by following them.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It is very clear that your system has hardware issue due to that you are unable to enable or disable network connection. So get it repaired from support team if the laptop is under warranty or visit nearby laptop service center and repair the faulty spare from your laptop. I am suspecting system board (motherboard) problem in your laptop.

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