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  • DVD drive not found in Windows 7

    Is your Windows 7 being unable to find the DVD drive? Our technical experts are here to find the reason and provide you with the best solutions.

    I have faced this problem numerous times.

    The DVD drive could not be found by the Windows 7, even if it's visible in the BIOS and using the standard driver update technique through cmd prompt. There are many ways experts can easily solve. I am looking for the correct solution for Windows 7 Basic.

    Is it possible that we can install it through cmd prompt?
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  • The issue can occur after you have upgraded your system recently. Uninstalling Digital Image can also have the same results.
    Some fixes that can work for you can be summed up as here below -

    Method 1
    • Use Device troubleshooter.
    • Go into the Control Panel and Troubleshooter.
    • Under Hardware and Sound, click on Configure a device.

    Method 2
    • Check your BIOS settings.
    • You may need to verify the device in your BIOS
    However, this fix may not be applicable to you as you have stated that the drive is visible under BIOS.

    Method 3
    • Updating or reinstalling a driver may be helpful.
    • Launch Run application.
    • Type in devmgmt.msc in the Run application press ENTER.
    • In Device Manager, look for DVD/CD-ROM drives and then select Uninstall
    • Now, restart your computer.
    On reboot, your computer should scan for your drive and install it.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You can easily configure your DVD Drive on your windows 7 by following the stpes:-
    1.Try to install the driver once again. It my be possible that that the driver should be causing error.
    2. This issue can also occur if you have upgraded the Windows OS try to reinstall CD or DVD recording programs and Microsoft Digital Image.

  • Here are some fixes that can fix the issue of DVD drive on Windows 7.

    Reinstall Driver

    In this process we will uninstall the existing driver and then reinstall the new driver. I assume you have DVD drives driver from online service or through the DVD itself. Follow the method below to reinstall the drive.

    1. Go to control panel.
    2. Go to Device manager.
    3. Right click DVD drive and click Uninstall.
    4. When you restart the machine, you can find it making use of the generic driver.
    5. In such case point the Windows hardware compatibility wizard to the new driver that you downloaded or let it download the driver.

    Integrity Check

    You can also disable the integrity check and this way you can get back the DVD drive from your Windows machine. Follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. Run command prompt as Administrator.
    2. Type the following command -

    "bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS"

    3. Hit enter.

    And now you can reboot and check out if you are still facing the error.

    Most of the time these errors are due to hardware driver issues. So installing the right set of hardware can solve this issue. I suggest downloading the hotfix with number 976187 and that can solve this issue in future.

  • If the DVD drive is not showing up in your system, it means that it is not able to detect it in your system. You are saying it is detecting in bios program.

    As per my experience, DVD drive is not getting detected in your system, this you can verify in the device manager under computer management program.

    you can find this by Right clicking on My Computer and Select Manage. This will open Computer Management program.

    Expand the Device Manager list and see if the DVD drive name is showing or not, in the list. If it is not showing in the list of device manager, then it is clear that there is hardware issue with DVD drive of your system. Replace it, the issue will be resolved.

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