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    Keyboard types for acer laptops

    Do you need a keyboard that is best for Acer Aspire laptop? Here are our technical experts to guide you in choosing the best.

    What are the best keyboard types available for Acer Aspire laptops? I need to replace my Acer laptop keyboard, but I have little knowledge to choose among the current keyboard types.
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  • Hi Sathya, I request you to post this query of yours in the Ask Experts Section of this site, where more of our technical experts would be able to guide you. In this way, you would even get a small cash prize added to your account.

  • Kindly provide the entire information about the model of your laptop so we can assist you with the best options.

  • Keyboards are available for various models of Acer aspire laptop in ebay online store. Some of the products available there for this specific laptop are as follows -
    1. Lotfancy brand keyboards are available for various laptop models and keyboard price is around Rs 550.
    2. Unbranded chinese keyboard which is available there for around Rs750.
    3. Another un branded offer to be shipped from hongkong for around Rs700.
    4. Another unbranded offer from New Jersey, US for Rs 500

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