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  • Best Windows Movie Makers Updates

    Looking for the Best Windows Movie Makers Updates? Here are our technical experts to provide you with the most authentic information.

    Where can I find the best Movie Makers Update to download without any errors or without corrupting the Operating system?
    There are many websites available worldwide. But some of them contain viruses and may affect our system when we download the link. So is there any download website for Windows 7 that can help me with safely downloading the software application?
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  • I suggest you to post this query in the Ask Experts Section of this site. That way you can get more answe yours from our teçhnical experts while you earn a small cash credit for the same.

  • If you are using Windows 7 then the available Windows movie maker is distributed through the Windows Essentials 2012. And this product has reached it's end of the life cycle. So officially there won't be any version available. So only way to download this suite is through third party software hosting site. You can take a look at the following sources.

    1. Softonic :
    2. Softpedia :

    I'd suggest using the link used for softpedia. That link has the working version of the Windows Movie maker. As you can see the Windows 7 components are end of life cycle. And Windows 7 too will be reaching end of support cycle soon enough. So if you want you can download such legacy applications through either softonic or the softpedia. Both these sources are safe to download.

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