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  • How to upload photo on instagram using PC ?

    Are you looking for ways to upload photos on Instagram using PC? Here are our technical experts who can show you how.

    I want to upload photos on Instagram using my PC but I don't find any option for uploading them. I hope that experts of TEC can help me to upload photos on Instagram using PC. The Web version of Instagram is not providing upload option and I don't know other methods to upload except the options of using a smartphone to do the upload.
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  • Instagram is a mobile-based app, which is meant to be mainly used through your mobile phone. But there are sites that are offering a PC friendly Instagram App that you can run on your PC, laptop etc.
    Get it from Windows App Store. Once installed you can use the app features, upload photos and do more.

    You can get it from the following sites too, though I don't recommend them much.

  • Well, Instagram has recently launched a dedicated app for Windows. However, the app is available only for Windows 10. You can access your Windows app store and install the app on your Windows 10 PC. However, it misses the feature you are searching for. There is no option for uploading a photo from the Windows application. It seems as if Instagram focusses mainly on the mobile apps for the upload option.
    However, there are a couple of alternate methods you can use if you want to upload your photos from the PC.

    Run Instagram Android App on your Windows
    Yes, you can run the Android apps on your Windows PC. You can Android emulators for the purpose. Bluestacks is one of the popular Android emulators. Install Bluestacks (or any of your favourite Android emulator) and install the apps of your choice including Instagram.

    This is a popular third party app for Windows. Once you download and install the application, register using your email ID. Then, link your Instagram account to the application. That does it. You can now use the app to upload pics to your Instagram account from your PC.

    This is yet another app that does the work for you. Please note that the Gramblr is not authorised by Instagram. It may record your information. I would advise you to proceed with care. However, the app is one of your best mates to upload photos to your Instagram account on your PC.

    Live....and Let Live!

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