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    What is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

    Are you looking for difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT from technical point of views? What are the limitations or Pros and Cons of each OS? Get the help from our experts.

    Even if they display the same interface at startup, Windows 8 and Windows RT systems are very different from a technical standpoint. Windows 8 is a system developed for processors x86 and x64, while Windows RT is developed to run on terminals with SoC (System on Chip) ARM, more efficient in energy, perfect for powering tablets that must maintain a considerable autonomy. Result, the traditional Windows programs will not run under Windows RT. Needless to imagine being able to highlight an old installation DVD of one of your favorite programs Win32 to install it on your Windows RT tablet.On this environment,we will go through the Windows Store to download free and paid applications in order to complete the experience from a software point of view.

    Please can I have your point of view on this ?
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  • Windows 8 and Windows RT are two versions of Windows 8. Totally there are four versions are available for Windows 8. Those are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. While dealing with Windows 8, it is the basic version of Windows. It is only having some basic applications but it is more powerful than Windows RT. However Microsoft office applications are not available. While dealing with Windows RT the main feature is that it is pre-installed in tablets. Windows RT is mainly introduced for mobile devices and tablets. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications and device encryption are available. One of the main difference between these systems is that Windows 8 has a full-featured Start Screen and desktop environments and Windows RT is having a mobile environment which runs on built in softwares.

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  • There are four versions of Windows 8 in the market out of which two are Windows 8 and Windows RT. Windows 8 is the most basic version that comes pre-installed in PC's and laptops. Windows RT comes pre-installed in Tablet PC's. Now let us take a look at the properties of both the Windows and find out the differences between them.

    Windows RT
    1. It does not supports business features i.e. domain support and Group Policy are not available.
    2. Supported applications are Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and One Note.
    3. Device encryption is also supported.
    4. Only third party software which are bought from Windows store, run on this Window.

    Windows 8
    1. It supports x64 and IA-32 architectures.
    2. It has basic functions like start screen and some applications.
    3. This version is more powerful than Windows RT.
    4. Microsoft Office applications are not present.

  • Developers from XDA has developed a patch file to run .exe file format in Windows RT. Actually the confusion in choosing Windows 8 or Windows RT arises when you buy a tablet. For a desktop and laptop you must choose Windows 8 but in case of tablet you can go for Windows RT.
    In tablet you can't do all the things that you do in desktop. Tablet is just a big screen mobile. We use Windows 8 to run big software like simulation, IDE, SDK etc. Windows RT is useful if you are not going to run huge computation.

  • Difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT
    • Windows 8 runs on x86 devices, powered by Intel or AMD chips.
    • Windows RT runs on ARM powered devices. ARM chips tout better battery life and lower in price.

    • Windows 8 has full featured start screen and desktop mode.
    • Windows RT has the same interface as Windows 8. But when Windows RT has a desktop mode, it is far from full featured.

    Software support
    • Windows 8 will be run on all software's which from Windows Store. Even any kind of third part programs also used in earlier versions of Windows.
    • Windows RT supports only applications from the Windows Store. And also in-built version of Office 2013. This doesn't allow downloading any software from the web which is made to run on the desktop environment. It won't allow any kind of third party programs. Microsoft approval programs only run on Windows RT.

    Battery Life
    • Windows 8 device tend to have an estimated battery life between 6-8 hours in a day.
    • Windows RT device have longer battery life than the most windows 8 devices. The battery life is between 8-13 hours in a day.

    Releasing Date
    • Windows 8 released on October 26.
    • Windows RT released on October 26.

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