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  • How to renew automobile two wheeler insurance?

    Are you looking for ways to renew your two wheeler automobile insurance? Our technical experts are here to show you the right way.

    I am using my Hero Honda Splendor Pro since 2011 and I renew the policy every year. Normally I renew the insurance policy with the Hero Honda Dealer. There are plenty of service providers but I do not know which are better and which gives better service. I want to now renew my two wheeler policy online rather than visiting a Hero Honda Dealer which keeps on changing the insurance company. From 2011 to 2015, they renewed my policy with ICICI Lombard, In 2016 and 2017, they renewed it with New India Insurance company. For next year, they are using TATA AIG insurance company to renew my policy yearly.

    But from now onwards, I want to get it renewed online with the best deal.

    Guide me to find the best dealer and way to do it.
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  • There are many options to renew two wheeler/ four wheeler insurance. Other than its main dealer, you can approach one of the Emission test representative in any petrol bunk in the town or city or nearby and inquire with them and sometime they also handle it with reasonable price without any further delay .

    The second option is, you can renew two wheeler insurance online by comparing each service provider and as per your choice. There it is not necessary that you have to go to the bike dealers or agent to renew it.

    The third option is, try to insure it with any Government related one (like Oriental Insurance Company etc.) directly by approaching their office, they will assist you on this and direct you accordingly. The only thing is, they will inspect your bike or car whatever to process it and give the insurance print-out within few hours once you pay the bill.


  • First of all I want to make it clear that there are two types of Two Wheeler Insurance i.e Comprehensive and Third Party.

    Comprehensive- Comprehensive type of two wheeler insurance is considered as the best one. It cover all types of wear and tears to the vehicle and its rider and third party cover. we can also call it as the combination of own damage cover and third party insurance. It covers all aspects like damage caused to your bike and you as well as another person's bike or property. This type of insurance covers the cost of repair in case your bike has suffered fire or natural calamities, civil disturbance,theft etc. I should suggest you to read wisely the policy terms and conditions. One more important point should be kept always in mind while buying a policy that the more you will buy under your policy the more better it is.

    This type of two wheeler insurance covers only against injuries and financial loss arising from the third party action or it covers the damages cause to the another bike,rider or property due to accidents. This insurance type doesn't cover damages caused to your bike due to theft, fire, civil disturbance, wear and tear, sabotage etc. Third party insurance is made mandatory by law in India. This is cheapest type of two wheeler insurance and it's rate is fixed by IRDAI every year. The cost of third party insurance varies as per the engine capacity of the motor vehicle.

    You want to buy a policy online for your bike then several points must be kept in mind those are:-

    1.Check that which company is providing you the highest bike value or the highest IDV rate.
    2.Read all the policy terms and conditions wisely before buying a policy.
    3.Keep all the details available with you while buying a policy like previous insurer name and policy number. It'll be better to keep the keep previous policy receipt in hand.
    4.If you had not renewed your bike's policy for more than 90 days then you have to start fresh. Starting fresh means the new bike policy will cover your bike after three days from the date of buying the new policy.
    5.Keep payment options like debit cards or banking details handy so as to use information when required.
    6.When you'll buy a policy online then they'll mail you the receipt to your email then take a color printout of the document and keep a hard copy with you and in your bike for hassle free driving. The receipt will be valid anywhere across the country.
    7.Now enjoy driving.

    Steps for buying policy online:-

    If you want to continue the bike's policy with the same insurer then you can also go for it using the above sites or you can directly visit the respective website of the insurer. If you don't want to compare the various policy available for your bike then directly visit the respective company website and get your two wheeler insurance.

    There are several sites which can compare the policy available for your bike like policy baazar, coverfox, policyx, easypolicy. Drop the details of your bike like your bike registartion number, your mobile number and email address. On entering the Bike's registration number they provide you quotes from the various insurance companies. Go with the one who will be providing the best value for your bike after depreciation i.e the best IDV (Insured's Declared value). IDV is the current market value of the vehicle. Provide them all the necessary details, make payment at the end and you'll also notice there the date from which your bike will be under policy cover. Take a print out of the receipt you had received on your email and hence done.

    If you want to continue the bike's policy with the same insurer then you can also go for it using the above sites or you can directly visit the respective website of the insurer. If you don't want to compare the various policy available for your bike then directly visit the respective company website and get your two wheeler insurance.

  • Opting for two wheeler insurance through online mode can be an easy task. Renewing expired insurance online can have following benefits -

    1. Faster issuance of policy
    2. There will be no extra charges which otherwise are paid for inspection and other allied hassles.
    3. Online insurance carries a lowest premium guarantee ( only in case of some insurance service providers).

    In fact, you can use renowned policy comparison sites like PolicyBazaar to compare different service providers and their services. Some of the service providers you can opt for include Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA, HDFC Ergo, IFFCO Tokio, Reliance and Royal Sundaram. If you want, you can also opt for government controlled insusrance providers like Oriental Insurance, New India Assurance or United Insurance.

    The steps involved in renewing your two wheeler insurance online would be quite easy. Just visit the website of the service provider you have chosen and click the appropriate links for renewal of your policy. Fill in the relevant details and you are good to go. Payment can be made digitally through the website itself. Companies have now tied up with online payment gateways which are secure enough.
    The policy document will be digitally generated and provided to you in the PDF format. Being a digitally generated document, it does not need any signature. Save the file on your laptop or PC at a secure location. You can take out a print to accompany your vehicle documents.
    Most of the insurance companies have their own mobile apps for the purpose of renewing your vehicle insurance. This can come handy so that you can renew it on the go.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I think it's reasonable to renew the policy from the same insurance company through which you registered at the time of purchase. You can also do this process by your bike's service center. Most of the service centers also have the insurance renewal processes. Most of the two wheeler bikes and scooter can have a decent insurance from the ICICI Lombard. In case if you want alternative plans then you can go through the policybazar. They seem to have lot of options when it comes to the various rates. You can get the policy issued online without having to doing the vehicle checked. You can just post the chasis number and your personal details. And that is more than enough for registering on both ICICI lombard and the policy bazaar.

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