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  • Android O operating system release

    Have you heard about Android O operating system release? Our technical experts are here to update you with each of its details.

    Google recently announced that it will release Android O operating system for Android device after its successful series from A-N (N - Nougat) OS. I would like to know which one is the first smartphone brand to use Android O and what are the best on O operating system. Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • The upcoming Android operating system is Android O. Till today there were three preview of his Operating system is released by Google out of four developer preview. The preview of this operating system is available for the devices such as Nexus 5X,Nexus 6P, Nexus Player,Pixel C,Pixel,Pixel XL.

    Some of the features of this operating system are:-
    1. The user Interface of camera is changed and the battery animation is changed in the settings.
    2. The setting applications has a new categorizations of settings with a changed theme.
    3. The OS will add support for NAN and Google Safe Browsing support for WebViews.
    4.The battery life has been tried to be increased by using limits on apps running in the background.

    The details will be more clear after the fourth release.

  • Google has been inching towards the launch of Android O. The Beta has been out and it could land on the devices quite soon officially. Google normally does not fix a date for the release though.
    Some of the features introduced in Android O are
    • Effective Multitasking - Android O utilises TensorFlow Lite which is a eased version of Google Machine learning tool Tensor Flow. The tool will help you run the resource-hungry applications on lower powered devices.
    • Picture in Picture Mode - Split Screen or Multi Window functionality is now improved. The concept of PiP gets the native support on Android O. App developers can have their own floating screens now.
    • Newer Notification Channels - App developers can now group their apps under different heads. The notification shades also have changed. The user will have more control over the notifications he wants to receive.
    • Changes in background limits - There is an improved control on the apps working in the background. This will translate into better battery life on your Android O powered smartphone. The aggressive broadcasting being followed has been the major reason for the battery drain on Android devices. Android O will now limit the background processes for a better battery life.
    • AutoFill API - This is yet another feature that has been getting the native support with Android O. There are several measures that would help you automate and simplify most of the common form filling tasks you may have at your hand.
    • Improved keyboard navigation - If you are using a hardware keyboard on your device, you might have been facing issues so far. There is always a conflict between the software keyboard and the hardware one. Android O is set to improve the performance.
    • App Badges - Android O brings up native support for the app badges for the first time. The app icon will have a small bubble indicating the number of notifications that are still pending to be viewed.
    • Changes in settings - The settings menu has received a new color theme. There is also a little change in the menu structure.

    Apart from the major changes we outlined here above, there are several other changes like changes in the permission to install apps from unknown sources, adaptive icons, optimised ART and wider color gamut support.
    Well, the actual devices that will receive the Android O update entirely dependent upon the manufacturers. To begin with we would expect it to be available on almost Google devices. Nokia has announced that Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will receive the Android O update when it is available. One Plus 3 and One Plus T have been confirmed to receive the update soon. Huawei mate 9 will receive the update as has been committed by Huawei. People having other devices may have to wait for the official confirmation from the individual manufacturers.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are some interesting features coming up with Android O. Here's short list of some of the confirmed feature inclusion: -

    File Manager

    Earlier file manager was not sorted based on file types. But now the file types are sorted with date and time. You can also sort them based on more other options.


    There are some core Android services that may consume the battery in the background. You can make sure that you are saving battery when those are disabled. You may find a lot of improvement on that part.

    Snooze Notifications

    It's one of the features that were not included until nougat. Now with this feature you can stop those recurring notifications of some apps. Earlier it was through the settings page. Now you can do this from top notification bar itself.

    Project Treble

    Tired of buying mobile which are 2 years older with Android version? You don't have to anymore with Android 0. As it will run the version updates easily when they are released. If your manufacturer supports it, then surely it can run things properly.

    Picture in Picture Mode

    In this mode you may find that some of the tasks can be done at the same time. So playing video while switching the tasks from within browser is possible. You can separate the video out of the browser tab.

    Battery Menu

    This update is going to show you more information about you battery. So you can learn how much your usage is consuming the battery. This may appear like cosmetic update but due to this update you don't have to use the battery app indicator.

    Auto-fill Framework

    This option will allow you to store the recurring information usually asked in the app such as the personal details etc. You can find that chrome had such feature. And this update will make it easier to use the information auto fill.

    Inverted Theme

    Dark theme was not officially added into the Android for many ROMs. However now the ROMs will be putting the inverted theme for the Android O. You can find updated icons and favicons in this option.

    As you can see these are some of the good features that Android O is likely to have. The new update is likely to be released during the last quarter of the year. Motorola, Nokia, Huwei are some of the confirmed companies that may update their devices with Android O.

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