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    MicroSD Card Not Working On my Smartphone

    Is your smartphone being incapable of supporting microSD cards? Ask our technical experts to help you in solving the issue.

    In the market, there are a lot of microSD cards and some microSD cards I am already applying on my Mobile Phone. But unfortunately, they are not working. Some days back I took this mobile phone, but now I am facing this problem. My mobile phone could not support any microSD card. How can I solve this problem?
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  • There are few microSD cards or even few branded microSD cards that won't suit devices other than its own brand. For example, if you have used any microsSD card in Nokia old device (sometime new device too) then the same microSD card won't work in other Android related device (like Samsung one). It happens vice-versa. Also, there are few Samsung microSD cards that won't suit other than Samsung Smartphone either old or a latest one.

    It is hard to solve this issue, only one thing you can do is, use that microSD card either in the same device or try to use it in a card reader or similar USB one to transfer in/out the data from the computer / laptop.

    There are few general brands microSD cards that works generally in all, regardless of brand smartphone differences. There are few smartphones that have no option of using microSD card where you have to make it adjustment in one of the SIM slot.


  • Try switching your mobile on off, it sometimes works. Or else remove your SD card for a while and keep it in a cool place. Clean it gently and after some hours insert it back. Sometimes due to heat or dust. it doesn't respond. There is no other way to solve this issue except from buying it a new one. I suggest you to go for Samsung microSD cards. It works well and copies files or movies very fast.

  • A Micro SD card may not be detected by a smartphone if it is formatted in a different file format than that supported by your phone. The first thing you will need to check is to find whether it works with any other phone. If it does, there is a compatibility issue with your device.
    Use a card reader to check if the MicroSD card works on your PC or laptop. If it does, format it and re insert it into your smartphone. You may again need to format it again on your device. This is because the formatting done on a PC does not suit a smartphone at times.
    There can be other reasons for the micro SD card not being detected by your smartphone. If the connectors on your Micro SD card slot have collected dirt, it could prevent the connection being made properly. Also check if you are using an unofficial battery (However, since you stated that you have recently purchased the phone, it may not be the exact case). An unofficial battery may not be able to provide enough power to the Micro SD card.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If your MicroSD card gets detected by one phone but not another then it's more of an issue of SPI interface. This interface makes the communication between your datacard and the device. If there is an issue with that on your device then it fails to work with it. Lot of people have that issue with new devices handling old SD cards.

    Alternatively, there could also be a software issue. For example, the file format that is required for the SD card needs to be your device's OS specific. You can't format it with PC or Mac based format and expect it to be read by your phone. In such case you have to format the SD card on the device as well. Make sure your SDCard is detected then you can clean the disk and format it. Go to Settings > Storage > SD Card > Erase SD card. Depending on your Android ROM instructions may vary.

    If nothing works, then you have to just buy the SD Card that is suitable for your device based on the official recommendation of your phone company.

  • MicroSD problem can be solved quite easily using the following steps:-

    1. Check that your SD card slot is working or not. When you're saying that no SD card is working on your device then it may have a slot problem. New Devices can also have the problem of slots. Buy the best SD card from the shop and check whether it's working or not.
    2. If the SD card is not working on your device then check that it's working with other devices or not. If it would be working with other devices then go to the nearest service center and provide them the description of the problem.
    3. These will definitely solve your problem as I'm assuming that your device had a problem in its SD card slot.

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