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    Led light is being permanently on

    Are you facing trouble with the LEED light of your tablet? Ask our technical experts to give you a troubleshooting guideline.

    I just want to ask you one thing about my tablet, it is ACE model of swipe company my tablet was working properly but suddenly the LED light started blinking. Now 1 week has passed but my problem is still persisting. I have deleted the flashlight app and restarted my tablet but my problem continues to be still the same. Please guide me.
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  • Blinking of Flashlight indicates that your tablet is facing a software issue. I should suggest you to go for software upgradation or restoring your tablet. If after doing the previously mentioned activities the problem gets solved then it's okay, otherwise you need to go to the service center.

  • The issue appears to be software related at first instance. Consider updating the firmware if there is one available for your device. If it does not solve the issue, perform a factory reset. However, it should be noted that factory reset should be your last resort. Do remember that it wipes all the data from your device. Taking a back up of all your important data would be the first thing you would need to consider before performing a factory reset.
    If the factory reset does not sort it out, it could indicate a hardware issue. You may need contact your local authorised service center for the proper resolution.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It's difficult to determine whether it's software or hardware issue unless you diagnose the device. You need to perform some basic diagnostic tasks and find out the possible issue with the LED light. Here are some of the things that you can do.

    Hard Reset This should take your device to the factory defaults. And after this usually problem gets solved if the issue is software specific. If it fails to recover through this issue, then it's definitely hardware issue. You can do the hard reset through Settings page of your device.

    Software Settings Change If the above method does not work then there is one more way to find out if there are some software conflicting with the LED settings. In order to fix this you have to enable the developer options. You can do so by going to Settings > Build (tap on it 6 times. Go back to the settings page and you will find developer options enabled. You can get inside the developer options and find the LED notification settings if they are enabled by the device provider. You can disable that. This usually solves the problem for most tablets.

    If all else fails then you should take the device to the service center and explain them the problem. They can take care of the device issue.

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