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    Could smartphones connectivity used for pc

    Do you need to know if the connectivity accessories of smartphones could be used for PCs too? Our technical experts would guide you the right answer.

    I need to know whether there is any way to use the smartphone's Bluetooth and WiFi as Bluetooth and WiFi adapter for PC, so that we could send, receive and play Bluetooth enabled devices from PC. I googled it a lot but could not find any good answer. Please provide me with the best answers and the possibilities.
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  • As long as my information goes, you will not be able to use the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity features on your smartphone on your PC. Your PC needs to have its own Bluetooth adapter for the Bluetooth functionality to work. Same goes true for the WiFi connectivity as well.
    However, you can use the internet connectivity on your phone to access internet on your PC. You can use USB tethering for the purpose. Almost all Android devices come with this feature. However, this being beyond the purview of this query, I do not think it would be apt to go into the details.

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  • No , right now there is no possibility of using the accessories of your device like Bluetooth and WiFi to also serve for your PC. If you want to use Bluetooth and WiFi on your PC then there are many external WiFi and Bluetooth devices available online. Those devices are not much costly and are easy to use just by installing their drivers. I'm using external WiFi device and a external Bluetooth devices for my PC. These devices work quite well and is serving me without any problem.

    And as above, Timmappa said, you can use your phone internet connectivity of your phone for your PC. There are very simple steps to use phone internet connectivity using USB tethering option being provided in Tethering and Portable Hotspot. The Steps are:-

    1. Connect USB cable to your phone and PC.
    2. Switch on your phone's Mobile Data.
    3. Go to Setting, then Tethering & portable hotspot.
    4. Mark the Checkbox mentioned in front of USB Tethering.
    5. Enjoy using Internet on your PC.

  • Hotspot is possible only with smartphone's Wifi feature. Bluetooth being simple duplex system can't be used for the hotspot or any other type of connectivity feature other than the defined protocol with laptop and PC's Bluetooth reception capacity. So the internet sharing is possible only with hotspot feature. Smartphones are also being used as universal remote on specific frequencies which allows you to use them as a remote. But that feature can't be used on laptop or PC as there is no frequency receptor point. That's the only possible use for the smartphone as of now for PC connectivity. In future this may change as some of the smartphones are manipulating appliances these days.

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