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    Micromax evok power supporting OTG

    Are you curious to know if Micromax Evok power supports OTG? Ask our technical experts for the authentic information.

    Does micromax Evok power support OTG? And can we save and copy the data from pendrive to mobile through the OTG?
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  • Yes, Micromax Evok Power does have USB OTG functionality in it. You can connect any of your external drives to the device and view the files stored on them on your Micromax. Please note that the file format on your external drive should be compatible with the file format supported by your Micromax Evok Power. If not, you my need to format your drive to the supported format. Make sure you have backed up the contents on your drive before formatting it.
    Also note that the USB OTG cable may not available as part of the standard sales package. You may need to purchase it separately. Do ensure that you are buying a genuine and reputed branded cable.

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  • Micromax evok power supports microUSB 2.0 standard so it does support USB OTG. You may have to check out if the device has the USB OTG cable. If not, you have to purchase from online retailers. You can read more about the hardware specification here :

    As for the data transfer. You can use the phone for copying data from the device to any operating system. Almost every operating system out there can read phone content as long as USB OTG connected. Alternatively you can use the ShareIt app if you have issue moving data from desktop to phone. In case of USB issues, this type of app comes in handy.

  • As per the specifications provided of Micromax Evok Power, It supports OTG feature. You can connect the OTG with the device to transfer files between your device and storage device. Your OTG must be of good quality so that it'll give you the maximum transfer speed and better compatibility with your device.
    The accessories box of this device is equipped with an OTG cable so you have to purchase it from offline stores or from online stores. While buying an OTG cable on't go for the cheap prices infact go for quality judgement for better transfer speed.

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