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    Open a new SBI account

    Are you looking for ways to open a new SBI account replacing an old one? Here are our technical experts to guide you the right way.

    Sir, I have lost all my passbook, checkbook and Atm card. So how can I close my current account and open a new SBI account replacing the older one? Please help.
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  • Well, you do not need any of those to close an account with SBI. I do hope that you do know your account number. If you have it, you can consult the concerned branch of SBI and ask them to close the account. You will need to fulfill the following requirements -
    1. Account closure form. This is available at the branch.
    2. Debit card or ATM card
    3. Chequebook
    4. Passbook
    5. Your proof of identity.

    Since you have lost all the documents indicated above, you may consult the concerned official from the branch and sort out the issues.
    Having said that, I do not understand the need to close the account just because you have lost the documents. If you know the account number you can get the duplicate documents from the bank on payment of nominal charges. You can even apply for a new ATM card and request for closing the existing one.

    For opening a new account, you will need to submit the account opening application form at the branch. Please note that you will not get the same account number nor will the amount from the old account be transferred to your account. Your query to replacing the old account with new one does not hold any meaning, be it with SBI or any other bank.
    Please note that you need to remember your account number for closing the account. If you don't, you may need to get in touch with the concerned official for proper guidance.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • When you lose your account related information , you can make use of the customer support online or through phone. As new systems make use of your phone and Aadhar card information to locate your unique account number, it'd be easier for you to meet the bank representative and get the necessary information. Alternatively you can also call toll free number. 1800 11 2211.

    You may need to bring your Aadhar card, PAN and other identification information. You will be asked to fill up the form regarding the lost chequebook and passbook. And from there you can also get other account related information. In case if you have not yet acquired Aadhar card, it'd be good to consider meeting the bank brand in person. That should speed up the process, as in such case they'd be personally able to explain you what are some things that require from you.

    You don't have to create new account in such case. If you still choose to do thee new account opening then in such case. You have to carry Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID and your two photographs. This is for new KYC forms verification. In some cases in metro the Aadhar card details and photo alone is more than enough for KYC. So that can be one approach you can take.

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