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  • Intel Xeon Processor and its detail

    Keen to know about Intel Xeon Processor and its detail? Our technical experts would provide you with the most authentic results.

    There are so many processors from Intel, one of them is Xeon family, I would like to know all about Intel Xeon processor. How is Xeon better than the other processor? What is the main role of Xeon processor in common? Is it only for the Desktop? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Intel has been bringing up hundreds of processors . It may not be an easy task to differentiate between an Intel Core processor and an Intel Xeon processor in the strict sense of the word.
    Xeon processors tend to be on the costlier side . They have been marketed for workstation or server CPUs. They do not not offer much in terms of integrated graphics like the core counterparts. Xeon processor will offer you more cache power. In comparison to Core processors which come with an 8 MB cache, their Xeon counterparts come with at least 60 MB.
    Number of cores is what helps you get better performance. The highest number of cores you can find on Intel Core processors will be limited to 10, while the Xeon family offers cores as high as 24. The power dissipation is another factor that sets them apart. Core processors can have TDP below 100w. The corresponding number for the Xeon family is 165W.
    Choice would depend upon your requirements. A Core processor can be good if you are upgrading. If you are the one building a new system, you can go for Xeon.

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  • XEON processors were developed exclusively to cater the server and hosting market. They are designed to run on lower voltage, stay cool for continuous for 24/7 usage. They were designed to be used in multi socket motherboards. This is the same reason why Mac computers, servers and home devices make use of this processor line. This line of processor is having multiple cores but has specific core variety based on the type of XEON processor being compared.

    XEON being one of the costlier processors, they get updated on the architecture and testing lot quicker than the i7, i5 and i3 series of processors. They are being used in rackmounted servers with requirement for low heat dissipation and less consumed energy. Considering their cost and the lack of overclocking support, they are not usually preferred for gaming and the bitcoin users on desktop.

    Few more thins to note that XEON series processors support ECC memory, which is not supported by regular Core processors like i7 and i5. They also known to have much larger cache compared to iX line of processors. This sort of features in itself pays off for the price paid to the processor. So they are also going to cost less for power spent on them.

    Considering this sort of processors are meant for enterprise business and the serious line of servers. They are not meant for the desktop, though you can definitely use them if you have money and respective architecture to accommodate them.

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