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    Is there any copyright issue on own recorded Cricket video uploading in YouTube

    Are you facing copyright issues while uploading Cricket Videos on Youtube? Ask our technical experts to know more on this.

    I recently attended a cricket match of IPL 2017 and recorded a live match with a few seconds clip every now and then from my Smartphone. Later I uploaded my own recorded IPL Cricket clips on my YouTube account. I received a copyright violation issue email after some time as "copyright takedown notice" and violation etc.

    So, I would like to know from the expert that, is there any copyright issue if we upload the cricket match video to YouTube which was self-recorded from our smartphone? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • It does violate copyright. Since the content is copyrighted to the stake holders, you are not allowed to post it on YouTube. In fact, YouTube allows only that content that has been created by you. The terms of service specifically state that requirement. AdSense too considers it as a violation of copyright.
    Maybe you can edit the video and then add your own commentary and then upload it to the site. It comes under the Fair Usage Policy. Though I am not sure whether it is allowed.

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    Let me clarify how it violates copyright law for YouTube or for any platform.

    1. You have no license for distribution like Star, ESPN or other networks. As it is TV recorded file which you uploaded in sample clips.

    2. You have monetized content something you didn't licensed. That violates royalty law across different countries courts.

    3. Your content is not original as you didn't paid to the staff who captured it. So you don't own thee content either.

    4. You have used paid audio in your videos.

    As you can see both copyright laws and royalty laws you have violated even outside YouTube. If such networks choose to sue you in court, that may be another piracy case on you.

    Now what type of sports based content is acceptable?

    1. You have used phone camera to capture from the stadium itself with your own commentary or from others who know you. Using TV commentary in such case violates royalty law.
    2. You have used DSLR or professional camera to capture and show the match, with or without sound or commentary.
    3. You have used licensed sounds or the royalty free sounds inside the video clips.

    Never ever copy someone else's content to make money, that's black-hat way to make money online. And it never ends the good way. Create your own content and earn through honest way. YouTube users are very active in flagging and reporting the videos which they find stolen. So copying and violation of rules will eventually get your channel down.

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