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  • How to use short cut links in tweet?

    Are you facing difficulty in posting links on Twitter because of the character limit? Our technical experts can guide you on how to use shortcut links in a tweet.

    As we all know that, only 140 characters are allowed in a particular tweet, it is very difficult to post a link in a tweet as links contain so many characters. Can anyone please guide me how to use minimum characters for a particular link? Or is there any method to reduce the characters of a link while posting in a tweet?
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  • There have been different URL shortening services which could be used to shorten your links and then paste them in your tweet field. However, Twitter has now introduced its own link shortening service
    The service is automated. When you paste the link in the Tweet field, the service shortens it to 23 characters. There is no concern as to how long the original URL is. But, the fact remains that even if your URL is lesser than 23 characters long, it will, nevertheless be treated as 23. There is no option you can opt out of the service. Twitter uses it as a means of finding how many times the link was clicked. It takes care of security too. If a site is a risky one, you will receive an alert.

    Link shortening service
    You can use the URL shortening services like You can enter the original URL on those sites and shorten it. This shortened link can then be posted in your tweet. However, if you are shortening URL for using it on Twitter alone, it may not be fruitful. The service will still consider it as 23 characters long.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the URL shortening services that you can use in twitter. Do note that no matter which URL shortening service you use, twitter overrides each link with in order to track the outgoing links.


    This URL shortening service has the option of tracking your link clicks and geographic regions. So analytics is the best part of this URL service. Also it's lot better than twitter's default URL shortening service.

    This URL shortner is in hootesuite dashboard. it can track the links. It can show the geographic analytics results. It can also be useful for reusing for more than one link.


    This site has plenty of URL shortener domains. And you can use it to track different links through different domains. And this way you can avoid getting shadow bans on social media. So this is another good URL shortener that you can use.


    This URL shortner is another option. It can also track and allow you to view the data. In short, this can be a good URL shortner to try.

    I personally prefer as it has some good features if you register for account. It's free and gives you lot of insights.

  • Twitter just provides 140 characters limit and as like you many ones face the same problem as you. You can use shortcut links in a tweet by using the URL shortening and redirection service provided by many websites on internet free of cost.

    Some of the best ones that are providing free URL shortening and redirection service are:-

    Just paste your URL on the space provided on the website then the site will give you the shortcut URL.

    yep.t also provides free service to create shortcut links. Just paste your URL in the space provided and in bottom you'll get the short URL. The site also shows you the previous and current URL character length.
    The method to use is same as the previous ones. Just paste the URL in the URL shortener box. You'll get the shorted URL there in the same box.

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