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    Induction Cooktop top plate broken

    Has your Induction Cooktop top plate got broken by chance? Ask our technical experts how to resolve the issue.

    My pigeon favourite IC 1800w induction cooktop top plate has broken due to a falling of an object on it. Now it has a problem in detecting the metal and heats slowly. Can this problem be resolved if I replace the top glass plate and how much it cost? Please reply.

    Broken induction cooktop top plate

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  • It is better if you can contact the nearest Pigeon brand customer care to solve it. Try to explain the same one which actually won't fall under warranty since it is users' mistake. So, by telling them truth with honest, they might replace it freely or they might charge with affordable price.

    In case if you feel that the service charge for its replacing is higher or equivalent to the new induction then it is better to leave it and buy another new induction instead.


  • Considering the top plate being broken. I think only option in such case is to replace it. So you may have to contact the service center of pigeon induction top. From what I have read online, it seems the basic repair should not take you more than Rs.600 or so. But if the induction repair takes more than Rs.1000 then it'd be wise to buy thee new unit considering repair may not be a good option in that case. If it's in initial 6 to 12 month warranty then most of the induction top companies offer the replacement of some parts. If that time period has passed then it'd be wise to buy the new unit. Do take a look at some of the issues like circuit overload and heating issue. If that exists then it surely does make sense to buy new unit.

  • Your Pigeon Favourite IC 1800 W Induction Cooktop Plate is broken that doesn't come under warranty. So you must get that replaced by visiting the nearest Pigeon Service Center. You can inquire about the nearest service center by asking the customer care agent on the toll free no. 180042566666.

    If you had purchased the Induction from a shop then contact that pigeon dealer and ask him to lodge a complaint on 180042566666 by calling. On physical damages the warranty will not cover so you have to pay some bucks of money for the glass top. The price of the plate differs with the Induction model so the technician can only say the exact price of the plate. If the cost of plate is too much then I should suggest you to buy a new induction instead of repairing the old one.

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