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    Best career in RHSE or CCNA for Experienced

    Dear Sir,

    I am a system administrator. I have good knowledge of hardware , networking and servers.
    I also know Linux but little knowledge not like administrator.
    I have A+ certificate(computer hardware engineering). My educational qualification is I.COM(12th).
    I have not any other certificate.
    I have 15 years experience in it field.
    I am working as a server administrator in a company through contractor.
    Company is giving salary rs.20,000 but i receive rs.16,000 by contractor.

    I want to boost my salary and career.

    So, please suggest me which certificate more valuable for me.

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  • If you have worked in the networking then you know that your knowledge of windows machine and the certification in MCSE is helpful for those environments. In case of the pure networking infrastructure, you'd find CCNA and Novel certifications can be helpful. However if your work environment is more focused on the linux at infrastructure side, then you may need to get RHCE and similar certification. Those certifications shows your capacity to work with the different set of problems. I'd recommend you to get those depending on your experience or your future directions.

    At this point you should go with the CCNA and MCSE and later as you work on linux infrastructure take the RHCE and Suse certifications.

  • Hi shashank

    If you are working as system administrator means you have good knowledge of Microsoft windows then you must go with MCSE. MCSE will be very beneficial to you if you are working on servers. You may fisrt go for MCSA and then upgrade to MCSE.

    Its good to have knowledge about Linux also but you have to decide whether you are more comfortable and have expertise with Windows.

    Networking is a different stream altogether. If you wish to build your career into it then you must go for CCNA as it is the elementary certification for network professionals.

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