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  • Planning to buy a new air conditioning from the best company?

    Are you planning to buy a new air conditioning from the best company? Ask our experts to guide you through your purchase.

    I was planning to buy a new AC for my room but don't know which is the best. There are thousands of AC companies but it is difficult to understand which company sells out the best quality AC. I don't know much about it, all I found is rumors regarding stores and thousands of air conditioning but which one is the best please suggest.
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  • High number of choices mostly creates confusion to select the best one out. However, here are some good quality Air Conditioners for your room. All of them are ranked in the top 5 Air Conditioners list and are sold on a good rate.

    1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

    This is a 3 star split AC by LG which has Aluminium body and comes in a beautiful white color. On buying it from Amazon you also get a benefit of free installation. It requires 230 Volts and 1760 Watts for its functioning. It comes with 10 years of compressor warranty and 1 year of comprehensive warranty. It has digital panel display and has air swing feature. You can buy it from at a price of Rs 37,990.

    2. Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

    This is another split AC by Hitachi which has copper body. Warranty details : 5 years on compressor and 1 year on comprehensive.The model of this Air conditioner is Neo 3200I RAU312EWEAD and this one is also rated by 3 stars. It has 1 ton capacity and is available to buy in White color. Moreover, it has remote control feature and digital panel display. You can but it from at a price of Rs 37,490.

    3. Voltas 185 CYa Split AC

    This is the best one out from my list. Voltas 185 CYa Split AC, as name speaks, it is a split AC by Voltas. Voltas 185 CYa Split AC has aluminium condensor and is top rated : 5 star. It is also available to buy only in White color. Capacity of this Air Conditioner is 1.5 tons and the noise level is 44 dB. It is also operated by remote and requires 230 Volts and 1438 Watts for its functioning. It has LED display, Silver Ion, Self Diagnosis, Glow Buttons on remote, Swing, Turbo as some of its feature. You can know more about it on and but it from there at an exclusive price of Rs 32,490.

    4. Hitachi RAU324HUD Ace Cutout Split AC

    This is the last one in my list, a split AC by Hitachi. Hitachi RAU324HUD Ace Cutout Split AC has 2 tons of capacity and is rated 3 star. It also has remote control feature and requires 230 Volts and 2134 Watts for its functioning. You can buy this in only White color from offline retailers near to you. It is priced at Rs 54,000.

    Personal Views

    Considering all the Air Conditioners mentioned above and several others too in the market, I would like to end up my views with the Voltas 185 CYa Split AC. Air Conditioners from Voltas are running good and are sold well. Also the reviews on Voltas air conditioners are well supported. Also I am suggesting this one because it has been rated 5 star also it is available in a decent price.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Here is a comprehensive list for the best Air Conditioners. as you have not specified the purpose and capacity, I have gathered that you need a moderate one. If you need higher capacity ones, you can still look at the same companies.

    1. Samsung AR18MC5ULGM Split AC.
    Features include Fast Cooling Mode that cools down the room really fast by running its compressor to the maximum level along with a fast fan speed and all it needs for cooling down is 30 minutes. To prevent overloads, even without a separate voltage stabilizer it keeps the performance stable with its anti-corrosive coating feature that can endure extreme heat. There are
    Three Care Filters that help in keeping the room air fresh and maintain the interior of the machine clean. Apart from its ability to capture dust, the unique coating of this AC is capable of eliminating 99% of viruses, bacterias and allergens that pass through the intense mesh filter. Apart from this, there is even an Auto Clean function that keeps automatically running a fan in order to remove the accumulated dust and moisture within the heat exchanger especially when the air conditioner has been turned off. One of the best features of this AC is its capacity to Dehumidify that never allows any dampness or fogginess staying back in your room. Last but not the least, this model of AC from Samsung can keep cooling your room consuming a very low wattage, and thus it is an energy saver as well as economical.
    Price: 34,490.00

    2. Voltas 1.2 Ton 155 CY Split AC.
    This split AC from Voltas is made of Aluminium Condenser Coil, with 1.2-ton capacity and has a 5 star Energy Rating
    The Rated current for Cooling is of 5 Amps and its EER is W/W 3.55. It needs a Power supply of V/Hz/Ph 230 / 50 / 1 phase. It consumes Voltage of 230 Volts and its Wattage is 1126.
    Price: 29,800.00

    3. Micromax ACS18ED5AS01WHI Split AC
    This 1.5-ton capacity Split AC from Micromax has a 5 Star Energy Rating along with 5 years comprehensive warranty. The features include a 3 in 1 filter of Anti VOC/Vitamin C/Catechine and a Hydrophilic evaporator that keeps dampness away from your room. It's 30 feet air flow keeps even a bigger room cool and its remote with luminous button makes it work from the same distance. There are a Turbo cool mode and a hidden display, that keeps you updated about the details of the AC whenever you reask for it. The AC has a Compressor model of PH290G2C-7KUL (GMCC), a Micro Motor of 12B326 A1E, the Capacitors of 55+3 Mfd (EPCOS/Globe). It has a Parallel flow condenser as well.
    Price: 28,490.00

    4. LG LSA3SP5D Split AC
    With a 5 Star Energy Rating, this 1 Ton Split AC from LG is equipped with features like and 2-D cooling auto air swing, monsoon comfort, chaos mode, fuzzy logic, 3M micro protection filter, sweet dreams mode, dual protection filter and auto clean functionality.The Voltage and Wattage of this AC are 230V and 950 W respectively.
    Price: 37,390.00

    5.Carrier Esko 18K Split AC
    Carrier has been one of the oldest manufacturing company of AC. This model from Carrier has earned 5 Star Energy Rating that comes with one Year warranty on all its functional parts of AC other than the aesthetic ones (the plastic ones). It has a Copper made Condenser and its amazing features include a rotary compressor, auto restart, dust filter, Dehumidification, anti-bacteria filter. The Package contains an IDU, an ODU, an Inter Connecting Pipe, a Remote, a Remote holder, 3 Manuals and 2 Batteries.

  • Some of the options that may suit you can be
    1. Voltas 185 EY (R) Executive R Split AC
    Voltas is a known brand and can be a good choice. The split AC in question has a 1.5 Ton capacity. It has a cooling capacity of 5050 watts. It has been given a five star rating and thus can be an efficient in terms of power usage. The power consumption is 1438 Watts. The AC comes with several good features like anti-bacteria filter, dust filter, high EER Rotary Compressor, Auto restart, and timer. The company is known for best in genre customer support. You have one year product warranty and a five year warranty on the compressor.
    You can buy it at Rs. 34,490.

    2. Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC
    The AC comes with a three star rating from BEEE. It offers you a 1.5 ton capacity. With cooling capacity of 5300 watts, the AC has a power consumption of 1600 Watts. Some of the features worthy of mention include anti acarien, anti bacterial, active carbon, dust, silver ion, and catechin filter. Bluestar, like Voltas, offers one year warranty on product and a five year warranty on the compressor. Lack of five star rating can be a concern though.
    The AC is priced at Rs. 49,900. The price tag can be a little expensive for a normal buyer.

    3. LG LSA3NP5A L-Nova Plus Split AC
    If you have a smaller room, LG LSA3NP5A L-Nova Plus Split AC can be a good choice. It has a 1 ton capacity. The Himalaya cool technology employed in the AC provides cooling at a faster rate. It also boasts of Monsoon Cooling Technology which offers effective cooling in Monsoons as well. The AC comes with several modes like timer facility, sleep mode and many more. The AC has a five star BEEE rating. LG offers one year product warranty including the compressor. There is no added warranty on compressor.
    You can opt for the product at Rs. 33,990

    4. Lloyd Floret LS19A3SH Split AC
    The AC has a three star rating and 1.5 ton capacity. It offers a cooling capacity of 3670 watts, while the power consumption reads 1136 Watts. Like most other competitors, you get one year warranty on product and a five year warranty on Compressor. Low price can be a point that may tilt you in its favour. Lloyd is known for a good customer care and after sales service. However, there aren't any extra features.
    You may buy it at Rs. 27,300

    5. SAMSUNG AR18KC3UDUQ Split AC Blue Strip
    The SAMSUNG AR18KC3UDUQ Split AC Blue Strip has an energy rating of three stars from BEEE. You get 1.5 ton capacity on the AC. The cooling capacity is 1500 Watts and the power consumption of the product will be 1560 Watts. The Mutijet Plus technology used in the AC is assumed to be providing 30 percent better air flow. Auto clean and Dehumidification are a couple of great features that the AC offers you.
    The AC is priced at Rs. 29,990

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