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    Regarding newly purchased Inverter AC of Hitachi

    Are you facing trouble with your newly purchased Inverter AC from Hitachi? Ask our technical experts to help you find out the best solution.

    I purchased Hitachi 1.5TR Inverter AC RSD318EAEA. Now, As per the inverter technology, the compressor should run all the time until I switch off the AC. But in my case compressor is under on/off condition. After setting the temperature, the compressor puts off on its own and again gets started after few minutes with the increase in room temperature. I called Hitachi Executive and they explained that their inverter compressor will get on /off but at variable speed and not at highest speed. So please help me solve my problem in this regard.
    What should I do about it?
    If anyone can suggest about an inverter AC which is in a perfect working condition, then please let me know.
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  • The issue can better be sorted out by the authorised technician. Some of the possible issues can be
    • Check the oil in the compressor. If the oil is leaking, the compressor may be getting heated up and shuts down.

    • You may also check the condenser unit. If there is a lot of dust or dirt on it, that could be one of the causes for the issues. Too much dirt can hamper proper heat dissipation.
    • There can be a safety switch involved in this case which is switching off your compressor. You may need to check for the issues that has been activating this safety switch.

    In any case, please note that ACs are not meant for self repair. The best option would be to show it to different technicians and get their estimate for the exact problem.

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  • Modern ACs have the temperature sensors that send the signal to the core for balancing. You can find that if room that has the AC maintained temperature if gets some change, it'll try to reshuffle itself to adjust to new temperature. So sudden drop in the temperature may make the compressor to go on and off. And if there is a rise in temperature then it'll keep itself on to maintain to the adjusted number. This is an expected behavior.

    But if your AC's compressor is suddenly turning itself on and off then it can't be a right scenario. In such case it's sensor and core communication must be having issues. You should consult with the AC service center. They should be able to take care of this. Considering this is more of circuit issue, they may need to take the unit to the service center. If it's the sensor or due to any circuit issues, that may cost some but before make sure they do basic diagnostic and verify if the problem is with sensor or circuit.

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