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  • Le tv 1s eco has a problem of over heating. What is its cure?

    Does your Le tv 1s eco has a problem of overheating? Ask our experts for the best cure.

    Last month I purchased a Le tv 1s eco smartphone. I am impressed by its features as it has more features than other phones under this price range. But it is not very good in the matter of charging as it becomes overheated while charging. It has the feature of fast charging but I am afraid that overheating can damage its battery life. While playing games its processor heats up its temperature beats almost at 60°c which is quite harmful for its processor. Its overheating problem slows its performance and we cannot use it for more time. At first, it heats from upper back sides and later if we ignore, it starts heating from the front upper side. I tried Some method to cure it from overheating like, not using the phone during charging, not installing the large sized games, cleaning the recent apps, etc. But in vain. So please tell me how I can cure this problem.
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  • Overheating is one of the major issues being reported on LeTV Le 1S. There is no permanent fix for the trouble. However you can look for a few workarounds that may be helpful. Restart your phone down and wait till it cools down to the normal temperature.
    One of the major reasons for heating has been attributed to the full metal body design. It has been found that heat generated stays for a long time. Other reasons could be background apps that may be playing havoc with your system resources. Restrict the background processes for the apps that you do not want to be always consuming resources. You can do this by going into the App Info for the particular application.
    If the issue remains unsolved, you can install the cooling down apps that help you by under-clocking the processor. One good example can be Cool Down Phone app which is available on Play Store.
    The major culprit is the MediaTek Helio X10 chipset on the phone. It is quite infamous already and believed to be one of the causes for overheating. This is one thing you cannot do anything about.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Almost every smartphone is facing this problem due to several reasons. I am listing down the most common of them along with its cure. If you don't find any cure even after following them, it is recommended that you visit a service center and seek their help.

    Overloading with Apps
    If you have loaded your phone with too many apps, the result is overheating, as most of them are running in the background, even if you have come out of the screen. So you have to go to the Settings and find out the Running Apps from there. Once you find the list, you have to manually stop them.

    Too long use of media files
    If you have watched videos, movies or played music file for too long continuously, it would automatically result in heating up your phone. So, after watching or playing these files, give some breathing time to your phone, by keeping it in long standby mode for an hour. You can do this on regular basis while sleeping, as the alarm would be still on, even at this mode.

    Rise of atmospheric temperature
    Its hot summer wave flowing across the country. Everything is heated up, our phones are no exception. Try to keep it in a comparatively cool place, where direct sunlight is not reaching the phone. It would help you a bit.

    Use Battery Saver Apps
    As Timmappa has suggested, you can try these battery saving apps to cool down your ohone which are available in the play store. These apps generally take care of many issues like stopping unnecessary apps in the background and keeping the phone processor in an off and on mode.

    Reduce the Display Light
    By reducing the Display light you would be solving a row of things, your battery life, your eyes and this problem of overheating.

    Reduce the Vibration Functionality
    If you are putting your phone on ringtone, you don't need the vibration mode along with it. You can use it, only when you want it to be silent, and yet want your notifications on. This would save on the phone battery and its functionality. as a result it would cool down your phone.

    Hope these helps.

  • It is one of the most common problems faced by the Le Tv 1s Eco users. Normally, Overheating problem arises in most of the Smartphones nowadays. It is due to, users using frequent accessing of apps, playing games, watching videos, and using the internet. But, specifically, Le Tv users are facing more problems. When you play games for a long time heating problem arises. If you watch videos, your phone will get heated. At this stage, you should avoid calling. It may affect your ears and brain. It is not possible to solve this problem completely. But you can manage this issue by using some methods.

    Overheating of your mobile may cause severe internal damages to the device. To reduce the risk, shut down your mobile and wait for 15 mins to get cool. If your device is getting hot even then, restart your mobile. When you put your mobile in charge, switch off your mobile data, adjust screen resolution, close all recently opened apps. If it is possible, try to switch off your mobile and then put in charge. This will lead you to reduce the heat problem. By following all these methods, the temperature of your device will get down and the processor will function normally.

    There are some of the android apps which will notify you temperature level. Those apps will check your mobile temperature and let you make an immediate decision to cool down the temperature. You can download those apps in Google Play Store in your Smartphone.

  • Based on the reviews online, it does seem like LE TV 1S has heating issues. Also there seem to be many other device related issues that may affect the functionality.

    Device Heating

    When you find the apps and games and play it, you can find that device may slightly get warm and this may lead to the issue of hanging the device. The default UI of Le TV 1S also contributes to some amount of heating. And that can be reduced by uninstalling such apps.


    It seems the current available solution for the device is software patch that reduces the heat in the device. You can also find that the device may also require you to not be on while charging. These steps may reduce some potential heating in the process.

    Here's the video that explains the heating issues of the LE TV 1S. You can view the video here:

  • There are a lot many heating issues about the LE TV 1S. It usually happens due to three reasons -

    1. While charging or by over-charging your phone, your phone heats up and gets warm. The only solution to it is not to use your mobile phone while charging.
    2. High memory games usually causes mobiles to heat up. To avoid, clear other apps and then play. Or else, try to keep low memory games which may possibly not cause heating problems in future.
    3. Sometimes due to over-usuage your phone heats up. Clear all the background apps, switch off for a while and then restart.

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