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  • Is It Possible to have a call from one's own number?

    Did you get a call from your own number? Ask our experts to know the truth behind the mystery.

    Is It Possible to have a call from my own number?

    Yesterday I was sitting in my room suddenly I got a call from a no. I got shocked to see the no. displaying on the screen was my own no. that's why I am asking is it possible or not to get such a call?
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  • You didn't specify the situation. That is, if you are using a double sim phone, whether the phone was with you before you picked it up, whether it was ringing, or if you have received the call and heard something.
    Now there can be several possibilities depending on the answers to the above said questions.
    For example, if it is a double SIM phone, and the phone was not screen locked, and you have your own number saved, it could be that accidentally the number got pressed and the call was made.
    But if that was not the case, and you were having the same phone with you and you heard it ringing and could receive it, then it could be that your phone has been hacked or, someone got a fake SIM made with the same number you have. It is most probably a scammer making a robocall for illegal reasons.
    Today there is Technology available that makes it easy for the spammers to "spoof" their caller ID information. They are able to make it appear as if they're calling from a certain place or phone number. It can be your own number. It is a trick used by the Scammers to avoid call-blocking and thus dodge their way escaping law enforcement. They do it purposely knowing well that one would be curious to pick it up. If you do, their mission becomes successful, and you would repeatedly getting such calls. So, it is advisable, not to pick or receive such calls.

  • Technically, it is not possible to get a call from the own number. Not any service providers will let you get a call from your own number. Sometimes it is possible to get a cross connection call. For example, one time I called my friend. I could hear he was speaking with someone when I call him. It is not interconnected manually. Automatically the call was connected to me. This could happen sometimes. But getting a call from the same number is impossible.

    You have mentioned that you got a call from your own number. It might be spammers work. They will do any kind of spoof works by tracking your number. I think this could be their work. I can suggest you report to your service provider regarding this call issue. They could tighten the security measures. Next time you may not get this kind of issues.

  • No, it is not possible technically unless you stored your mobile number as secondary (than primary) one in your friend's or other's number (second option to save mobile number) that git saved and is displayed. It also happens sometime due to some mobile errors or cross connection etc. this is a rare scenario.

    You can report it to telecom service provider in case if you face such problem often.


  • Well, that appears to be the most unlikely that the call has really originated from your phone. I would believe that it is a scamster trick. There are different technology options are available to spoof the caller ID. In all probability, the call you have mentioned in your issue should be from one of those spam numbers.
    Such calls are normally termed as Robo calls. The spammers are aware that you will block the number on getting frequent calls from a particular number. That is exactly why they opt for Caller ID spoofs. They employ any number to make it appear as if the call has arrived from the government agencies. They can even use your own number. This is done simply to avoid the call being blocked by the users.
    My advice would be - Never answer those calls. If you do, more such calls are likely to follow. Just ignore them. If you find frequent instances of such calls, you can report it to your telecom service provider. They may be able to do something.
    Please note that you can never trust the caller ID that your phone displays. It can be manipulated and scamsters always resort to such gimmicks.

    Live....and Let Live!

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