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    Planning to buy a new Inverter And Battery

    Planning to buy a new Inverter And Battery? Our technical experts can help you to choose which is the best for you.

    I am planning to buy a new inverter for my home but I am a bit confused which one should I go for. My requirements are:-

    3 Fan – 210 Watts
    4 led light – 20 watts
    1 led television – 70 watts
    1 set top box - 25 watts
    1 DVR - 30 watts
    1 led television small - 30 watts
    3 CCTV cameras - 180 watts
    1 RO purifier - 35 watts

    All these go for 600 watts, but obviously, I won't be running all this during a power cut. My actual usage would be around 500 watts or for lesser only.
    So I have decided to go for a 150 Ah tubular battery and around 1000-1100 VA inverter.

    For inverter I am interested in:-
    1- Luminous Zelio 1100
    2- Luminous Eco Volt 1050
    3- Microtek Sinewave UPS SWE²+925 VA

    And for the battery, I am really confused about which one to go with, but I have shortlisted some of them:-
    1- Luminous ILTT 18048N 150Ah
    2- Luminous ILTJ 18030N 150Ah
    3- Luminous RC 18000 150Ah
    3- Okaya XL 6000T 150Ah

    If you have any other suggestion please let me know what will be the best combo for me.
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  • Here are some of the inverter and battery options that suits your requirement.


    This inverter has the low price yet fits the watt requirement and warranty, which is usually 1 year for Microtek products. It is priced at Rs.1950 on Amazon.

    2. Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 850Va/12V

    This is another good inverter for this requirement. Also meets your wattage requirement of 600wt. It is priced at Rs.4500 on Amazon.

    As for the batteries, here are some recommendation.

    1. Luminous Ecowatt 650 Inverter With IL18039 150 Ah Battery, this battery is priced at Rs.12, 200 on Amazon.

    2. Exide 150 ah NEW INSTA BRITE battery, this seems to be the cheapest one and most favored. It is priced at Rs.9700 on Amazon.

    3. Amaron Inverter 150AH Tall Tubular Battery, another good battery with some favorable reviews, It is priced at Rs.11500. on Amazon.

    These are some of thee options that you have. I think you have pretty much found some good deals yourself. So get it through reliable provider for better after sales service.

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