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  • How to convert Image into HTML file? Is it possible?

    Are you looking for information on converting images into HTML files? Our experts will guide you through.

    I have some data filled in the Image file format. I need that information to be converted into HTML file or to a text file format. It is difficult for me to type the information by seeing the image. I need to know whether any software or tool is available online or offline which can convert the image into any sort of editable one? Members kindly let me know your suggestion. Give me a suitable solution.
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  • If you want to convert an image file straightaway into an HTML document, I am sorry to state that there is no such option available as far as my knowledge goes. However, I can understand from your description of the problem that you want to copy the data from an image file into some sort of editable format - something like text. You can use the below mentioned methods for the purpose.

    Using Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft OneNote supports OCR, or Optical Character Recognition tool. It can be used to copy text from an image file and then paste it into your OneNote notes. You can paste it in Word or Outlook as well. Here is how you can do it -
    • Add your image file to OneNote
    • Right click on the picture, and choose Copy Text from Picture.
    • Open the program you want to copy it to and paste it. You can use keyboard combination of CTRL+V for the purspoe.

    If you want to paste info from multiple pages of a document,
    • Right click on any image on the file and choose Copy Text from this Page of the Printout or Copy Text from All the Pages of the Printout depending upon whether you want to copy all the images from the page or the document.
    • Open the program where you would want to paste the information and press CTRL+V.

    Using OCR Websites
    Other than OneNote, there are several other Online OCR options available. is one good example. You can login to their website and upload your file. The tool lets you choose the language in which you want the information copied. The software will take a couple of minutes to convert your file into editable text format. You can then copy this data anywhere you want to.
    Kindly note that the Online OCR we have indicated here is just an example. There are several dedicated OCR websites which work on the same principle.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • @Timmappa. As you have mentioned above process is working for general images. But I have different format of the image. In that case, the above steps were not working. Here I have upload sample image. Get me some solution for it.


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  • As per what you say, you can take screenshots of your images, save them as any of the general image format like JPEG, PNG or TIFF and then follow the steps what Timmappa has stated. That way, you would get the information at your hand as editable document and can do whatever you want to do with it.
    Remember while taking the screenshot, you have to adjust the screen of the image to that extent so that your content should be visible clearly and no unnecessary elements should get included in the frame. This is because, it would be easier for you to work on the text which is important to you. If other element gets included, the OCR tool will include them as well, and then it would be an added task for you to find them out and delete them.
    Hope this works. Do let us know, if it doesn't.

  • I do not think there is any other way than the one I suggested. The Online OCR Converter tools I suggested in my response does help you convert the TIF file into a text document, but the resulting content is illegible. I checked it myself and found it not working.
    The suggestion by Anwesha as in the above response can be helpful if you can take a proper screenshot. There are several ways you can take a better screenshot on Windows. Make sure that you do not include anything else in the screenshot than what you need. If anything else is added, you can edit the file from Paint so that it is the exact replica of your file.
    Another option you can choose is to use a TIF to JPG converter. There are several online tools available for the purpose. can be a good example. I could easily convert your file into a JPG within seconds. Once done, you can use the JPG image to convert it into a text file or a DOC file.
    However, I could not find it working properly. Maybe the fonts are an issue with your document. If you can find a good TIF to JPG converter, you may be able to get it to work.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You can convert your image to html format from Blogspot option by uploading the image and save it temporarily as a Blogspot post. You can then go to 'Edit Html' option in Blogspot and get the image html code from there, you have to make sure about the code to take from it or else the missing line or code or incomplete html tag can create a problem while using it again. I think this is the one you are asking for, correct me if I am wrong on your question.

    The second option among many is, you can use the website and attach the image, it will then give the code (URL) which can be used with 'image tag'.

    Hope the issue is solved.


  • In order get the data out of an Image to a HTML file or any other editable format, you have to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Most of the online OCR software are limited with their skills for the conversion of text and other elements within the image. Here are some of the OCR software that can be used in your case.

    1. Abbey Finereader This OCR software can handle the images in TIFF, PNG, JPG etc and can convert the document into HTML, PDF, Word etc. You require some time for the OCR element to properly recognize. And then after conversion you get the file for the converting text and other elements. You can also manually suggest which part of image should remain image and which should convert into the text. That option is allowed before you do the export into Word or any other document. There are many other small options that allows you to make changes with slices of elements in it.

    2. Adobe Photoshop for Image to PSD and HTML : This is more of image manipulation software but it can make slices of the image content. And then it can be used to export into PSD and the convert into HTML. This method is one of the popular method these days for many designers who accept image input for design and then later convert it into HTML from the PSD slices. It also takes time for this method to work on most of the images.

    3. Prizmo : This is another software for the image recognition. And it can be used to export the content in HTML, Word and PDF. Depends on the complexity it can be used in your case to export the image elements in part text and part image element.

    I personally suggest Abbey Finereader as an option that suits your requirement.

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