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    Which is the best Browser and why?

    Are you curious to know which is the best Browser and why? Ask our technical experts to get the most authentic answers.

    Which is the best Browser, in terms of ease of use, fastness, safety, etc?
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  • Browser benchmark test often turn out to be messy and unreliable. Each news site and the PC benchmark software comes up with their own random test results.

    Also one test may show browser performing on their test condition may not turn out to be the same for you. So here's my assessment of which is a good browser as per my observation.

    1. Page loading speed - Opera and Chrome on desktop are lot faster compared to Firefox, Edge and few other browsers. UCBrowser on the other hand, is faster than any browser for mobile devices. Also Opera Mini on your device may perform much better than desktop version.

    2. Rendering Engine Firefox gecko engine is slow but reliable. But Webkit engine which is in use by safari, chrome, opera is much better in terms of performance. It loads quicker too.

    3. Extensions You may find that Firefox and chrome has a lot of extension options. Most of the extensions on chrome are better for productivity and they crash the browser less. On Firefox side, most of the add-ons slow the browser.

    4. System load Firefox is known to get more load as we increase the tab. Edge being second in the race for this. Chrome too takes some RAM as it increases in tabs. So overall opera and the safari handle the resources lot better.

    5. Productivity Most of the productive addons are on Firefox and chrome. So you will find yourself to easily adjust with the browser. Other browser may lack some addons which you can find on chrome and Firefox.

    6. Safety Chrome, Firefox, opera and Edge are secure enough for the modern internet user. Some browsers like Seamonkey, IE, Safari may have bugs but they can be partially secure too.

    7. Ease of Use I'd say almost every desktop browser is easy to use. Except something like Vivaldi and few other fancy browsers. You'd find Firefox and Chrome lot more easier to use in such cases.

    Based on these 5 criteria, i find Chrome, Opera and Firefox are the good browsers as per my usage cases.

  • Google Chrome browser is the best one compared to all other browsers across. The Chrome works as 'the best' for desktop and Smartphone or Tablet PC etc. thus they are well synced with Chrome that satisfied its users for browsing without any technical glitch.

    Other browsers like Opera, Firefox and UC comes later. There are other few browsers which would work but average.


  • According to me, Google Chrome is the best in all other browsers. It is Ubiquitous and has robust features with it. A thriving extension ecosystem is an added advantage for Chrome. It has the best mobile integration system which is the major platforms like data synchronization that allows you to browse between multiple devices. It is fast, free and light. The installation of the Chrome is faster than any other browsers. According to the security and privacy system, the Chrome browser has user discretion in web browsing. The reputation for Chrome is to protect the user's security and privacy credentials.

    Chrome is also one of the best and safe browsing API to detect the harmful and dangerous sites. The instant updates help you to make consistent security improvements. Not only it detects the dangerous sites, it also scans for potentially harmful downloads. Directly connected with the Google, you can experience the encryption add-ons currently associated with Google.

  • Before coming up with an answer to this question, let me point it out that my personal favourite remains to be Google Chrome. I have several other browsers installed my laptop, and Android device, some of them being UC Browser, Firefox, Opera and Dolphin Browser. Having said that, let me point out the plus and minus points of a few select browsers so that you can decide the browser that best suits you.
    Google Chrome
    Chrome is by any standard the most robust and efficient browsers you can ever lay your hands on. The features that make it one of the greatest choices include its stability, cross-platform nature and better tweaks. The software comes with easily installable extensions. It also offers you several options to make it more efficient.
    The browser, however, comes with its own set of issues. It is one of resource hungry application. If your device has less RAM, you may have issues running it on your laptop or PC.

    Microsoft Edge
    One of the latest entrants in the browser space, it is the default browser on your Windows 10 machines. One of the most important aspects that go with Edge is the seamless integration of Edge with Windows 10. This would provide you a easy to use interface. It has been a quicker browser. It also does away the need for vulnerable protocols like ActiveX. The reading mode that is integrated within the tool would be the best for visiting complex websites.

    For the uninitiated, Chromium is what Google Chrome is based on. It comes pre installed with Linux installations. You may miss some of the salient features of Chrome, but it has a plus point that you can install any third party extensions. It offers you limited media codec support. There is no automatic update option either. However, you will stay always up to date with the latest builds available for downloads from time to time.

    In my view, Opera is one of the best when it comes to the best browser experience, well next to Chrome. It does launch faster and offers a great UI experience. One of the features I like on Opera browser is the Opera Turbo feature that it offers you. It lets you route your website through Opera servers, and thus makes your browsing a breezy experience. This can be helpful if you have issues with your broadband speeds.
    It also comes with an ad blocker ( You can disable it if you wish). The Turbo mode helps you save on your data if you are on a limited data plan.

    Initially it was the top name among the browsers, but now has been dwarfed by Chrome. One of the major reasons could be the outdated design. However, the software is regularly updated and has a specific extension store. It works with many bechmark satisfactorily, yet there have been reports that it has sluggish operation in some rare cases.

    Well, that was a small analysis of the top browsers currently available. Please note that I am not talking about some lesser used ones like Vivaldi Browser, Internet Explorer 11 ( anyone knows that it still exists?), UC Browser and Tor browser among others. From the quality, functionality, ease of use and extensions ( and the add ons, as the case may be) point of view, my best options would be ( exactly in that order) Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Google Chrome, till date has been rated as the most used browser which carries the best accounts for bringing about more than half of the web traffic. Chrome is followed by Safari by its popularity but still holds a second place qute at a distance . The UC Browser comes after this as in the third position, and fourth comes the Firefox. The one time most popular Internet Explorer has been shifted down towards the fifth position with a report of holding a poor 4.2 percent of global web traffic.
    But those who are still using thee earlier version of Windows like XP and Vista, cannot lean on Chrome as it is no longer supported on these versions. For them Google is recommending to upgrade their OS.

    Battery drainage Problem in Chrome
    To promote its own Edge browser Google has replaced the Internet Explorer on June 2016 as it was a widely known fact that Google Chrome has a bad reputation as a battery draining Browser.But Google has addressed the issue and has made the necessary changes to improve Chrome's impact on the battery life by throttling down the background tabs for saving on energy.

    Opera too has kept a low-power mode option that works on the improvement of the device's battery life by more than 50%. It has an in-built advert blocker with a free VPN service within the browser itself offering unlimited use and achieving decent speeds.

    Windows users today are simultaneously running Chrome, Firefox and Opera and Edge too only when they need them, while Mac users generally use a combination of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
    There is no specific reasons as such to grade any of these browsers to be lagging behind the other as all of them offer a more or less decent performance with wide compatibility. All of them do save your passwords and apart from Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge they keep syncing your data, keep favourites and tabs among multiple devices which makes it easy for any user to access them through their phone and continue to work from where they left off on their laptop or PCs.
    All of them support various extensions and add-ons in addition to their specific features, created shortcuts and running widgets.
    But the apparent reason why Chrome leads the show, is because of its sync with every other Google App activity to which most of the users are connected to some way or the other.

  • No doubt, Opera is the best browser that we can use at present. However, Mozilla is no less to compete the Opera, but whatever the best ranked browser is Opera. What makes it the best one is its amazing features which are discussed below.

    1. ad Blocker

    The integrated ad blocker helps the users to surf with more quick results than usual. The users can surf much faster than usual using the ad blocker feature in the Opera. The ad blocker features is though available only on the developer version of Opera and will soon make a debut on upcoming Opera for laptops and computers very soon.

    2. Sidebar extensions

    This is one of amazing feature of Opera which makes it the best browser at present. Using this feature the users can do multitasking on the sideways while browsing sideways in a different tab.

    3. Faster

    Opera is the fastest browser according to me and in my personal experience I have no complaints with the speed of Opera. Also the users can use the Opera Turbo browser which helps you surf up to 20% faster on Wi-Fi networks than the usual.

    4. Beautiful themes

    Along with browsing the data, Opera has beautiful themes for you which will surely attract you. All the beautiful themes make it more attractive and good to use. You can select the best theme according to you to display as a background on your browser while you surf the Internet.

    5. News

    Opera also updates you with the latest news coming up in the world. Users can click on the news icon present on the Speed Dial which will make them to explore the latest news from all over the globe. Also if you don't want to look the whole world than you can select the interested areas to get updated. You can also show your interest in Lifestyle, Technology, Health and many more to get updated.

    6. Easy to use

    Moreover, Opera is designed well and can be used or explored very easily. There is nothing to get confused.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • A lot many browsers are doing their best in competing with each other. You may find out which one is really great.

    Google Chrome - It is said to be one of the fastest but according to me it slows down later on as per the usage. The reason is it collects a lot of data caches. Due to high usage, chrome crashes frequently. But still it's one of the great browsers. It has a lot many themes, you can customize as well, add wallpapers and extensions etc.

    Internet Explorer - It is one of the oldest and most classic browser that everyone has used. It hardly crashes depending on the memory usage of your PC or laptop. It's fast, reliable and easy to navigate. The only downside of IE is having no themes or customization.

    Opera - Opera is honestly good and one of the fastest that I have known. I've been using Opera since a long time and I found no such glitches. It has a lot many features and a whole new pack of extensions. The only downside that I felt was the slow-down of Youtube videos after a while. After months of usage, you may experience lag while watching Youtube videos. Otherwise, it's great and I honestly recommend it to you.

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