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    Query for deficient services

    If you are looking for ways to change your email id which has been wrongly uploaded by a service provider, here you can get the right guidance from our technical experts.

    How to change my email id which has been wrongly uploaded by Airtel for my 4g hotspot? I purchased it by paying the full amount and now airtel has raised a bill for the amount. Several visits to the Airtel store have yielded no results. Please provide me with the necessary guidance.
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  • You have not clearly indicated your issues. You have raised two queries in one. One of them pertains to the wrong email ID and the other about billing. I would request you to properly phrase your question so that we would be able to provide you a clear response with respect to your problems.

    To change your Email ID
    Please follow the steps mentioned here below to change your email ID.
    • Visit
    • Login to your account.
    • Under your DSL summary account, click on View Profile
    • Locate Personal Details.
    • You can change your email ID under the Personal Details section.

    If you need the email ID for logging in to your account, there is no other way than consulting your local AirTel service center.

    For your billing issues, I would advise you to contact the AirTel customer service through their website. If the issues do not get resolved at that level, you can approach Nodal officer or the Apellate authority for your region. The list of Nodal officers can be found on the link

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you have given the wrong email ID and the bill is being sent to that and you are not getting any confirmation, then you have an option to change that. Follow the steps below for entering the new correct email for your bill.

    1. Login to your My Airtel account. (You can do this through app or from desktop)
    2. Under the summary of your DSL account you'll find View profile link.
    3. In personal section, find the text field to change email ID.

    You can login to Airtel in case if you have got the credentials wrong. Airtel's app can be used for paying the bills and changing personal details. So you may want to use that. The instruction for the app remains the same in the profile details you get to change the email and other details like address.

    Whether you have entered wrong email or not. You will be billed so there is no way to skip the bills. You'll be charged so this should not be an issue for you. And you can pay bill through myAirtel app or through online through desktop.

    Do note that franchise service centers if unable to solve your issues, you may have to contact online help desk.

    You can get more help on that through Airtel's support desk :

  • For this issue, you can log in to your Airtel account, go to Your Profile, change the email address and save it. Now, you haven't informed us, whether you have the same phone number registered for the 4G hotspot. This is important because all the transactions or whatever interactions you do, those would be registered with the phone number you have with the telecom service you are availing. In other words, your phone number is your ID for every telecom service. If that is the same, then other aspects can be changed with much more ease.
    So, you can start trying with the Airtel App on your phone, there you can see your balance too. This app is for finding everything under one umbrella.
    You can also log in to the Airtel site and make the change. If that too doesn't work, you use the customer care feature and make them call you. That way, it is more likely for them to take prompt actions.

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