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  • Which one is the best Rent a Car in India

    Are you keen to know which is the best Rent a Car service provider in India? Ask our technical experts to know the best deal for you.

    We sometimes have to use rent-a-car for self-drive (in case if our car is facing with technical issue and unable to go for a long drive with family or friends), as, we can't book city car or auto for a long distance except for some rent a car in India or use public bus (travel) or train etc. anyhow, my question is as below;

    Which one is the best Rent a Car in India? How much they charge per day? What are the conditions? Kindly explain.
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  • There are several car rental services operating in India. Most of the services are region specific. A service useful in one area may not offer the same degree of service elsewhere. From that point of view, I would list out the services as below -

    Fred Travels
    There have over twenty years of track record in India. They do offer pick and drop services from airport, railway stations etc. You can have the door step car delivery service from them. The drivers too are well trained if you opt for driver driven option. They also provide meet and greet services on arrival and departure.
    You may get in touch with them through
    Pricing - They do not have price quotes available on their site. You will need to enquire with them for the package as it depends upon the cars you choose and the distance.

    This has been considered one of the best with courteous behaviour. They provide real images of cars unlike other operators. Their billing has no hidden costs associated with allowance and perks to the drivers. The charges are on hourly basis and as such you can save a lot money which otherwise would have spent if the car is rented on a day basis.
    For more information, visit The pricing depends upon the car you choose. For driver driven cars, the prices are to be worked out by drivers. They also offer one way services as they have an algorithm that takes care that the driver gets a trip on the return trip.

    OYOCars have been popular in Bangalore. They have doorstep service. OYOCars have been considered to be economical compared to the other operators in the region. They also run regular offers and rebate programs throughout the year.
    Find more about OYOCars at The fares are on hourly basis. The site does not provide any information on the pricing structure though. Reviews suggest that they have competitive pricing.

    They have been active in major cities in India. Some of the cities covered include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. They have also been running a corporate vehicle leasing services as well.
    Visit their site for more details. The company deals mainly with vehicle leasing services than rental services. However, they do offer some long distance trips. For pricing, you need to contact them via their site.

    They have risen to building a reputable name for themselves quite faster. That in itself should speak a lot about their quality of services. They offer both self driven and driver driven options for you. They provide you reasonable rates. There are no hidden charges.
    You can find more details about them on The pricing depends upon the distance and the cars. The basic pricing would be Rs. 45 per hour on week days and Rs. 65 per hour on weekends. The cars need to be booked for minimum 10 hours on week days and 24 hours on weekends. The rates for Sedans on week days would be Rs. 75 and Rs. 105 on weekdays and weekends per hour basis.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • 'Currently the Self-Driven rent a car service has picked up the popularity in this genre. Most of the rent-a-car services in India right now are providing this facility apart from the regular ones.
    The Cost of renting a car in India depends upon the type or of car that you want to rent and the distance it has to cover. It is generally the rule that you have to pay for daily rental for an air conditioned car with chauffeur, including the fuel and the associated taxes. Usually it is a combination for 8 hours and 80 kilometres. If time or mileage crosses this frame then you go paying for per kilometer charge being added to the daily rate.

    Here are a few names that I could collect for you:

    1. Zoom car

    2. Carzonrent

    3. AVIS

    4. Formulacarrental

    5. Baba car rental

    6. India Car Rental

    7. SmasIndia

    8. Antaeus

    9. Savaari

    Apart from this Ola, Uber are the regular rent-a-car services who are now including outstation rentals.
    Approximately the rate goes like this for Outstation:

    The Base Fare is Rs.2250 for 250km per 24 hrs. Additional Km fare is Rs. 8 per km.

  • Car rental services vary in their service offering from one place to another. Also some are region specific like Mumbai and Delhi based services may not be available in other regions. Also some of the recent car renting, car pooling has changed the way car renting works in the country. Here are some suggestions for you with that disclaimer.

    Zoomcar This service is available in most of the metro cities. And the car rental rates are reflected in the prices. They can be booked online. You can either hire driver or you can drive it yourself. The prices start from 70 Rs per hour.

    Savaari This service is available in multiple cities and states in India. The rent is rather cheap but priced based on the kilometer for some places due to demand. And some places charge it on hourly basis. Hourly charges of 100 Rs per hour and onwards cars are available.

    Car jee This is another service available in metro cities of most states. There are some non metro cities are included too. Mostly the pricing is on the basis of per hour prices. It doesn't cost much for the driver included services either.

    Apart from these three, here are some more services.

    1. Carzonerent
    2. Self Drive car rentals
    3. Clear car rentals
    4. Airport Cart Rentals
    5. Avis car rentals

    Depending on your location and the type of car that you want the pricing and the available companies will be different.

  • Zoomcar is the best one in Bangalore but how about other cities and the brands? I also would like to specially know about India's branded Rent a car than international one.


  • In India, some of the companies offer the best self-driven rental car services. In the past years, self-driving cars did not exist in the nation. But at present, everything has been changed quite dramatically. This new idea creates a big revolution in the car rental scenario. Preferring for a rental car is now cheaper than getting a cab. Some of the self-driven car rental service companies are listed below:

    Myles is owned by Carzonrent which is the largest rental company in the nation. They offer a day, a month and a yearly plan for their services. It has a vast service network in India. They offer their services around 21 major cities in India. They also provide 20 best models of cars. The minimum service period they offer is 2 hours and the maximum period can go up to a month. For booking, they offer an app for all Smartphones. Also, discounts are applicable to those who use this service for a longer period like weekly and monthly plans. For enjoying a good trip, Myles helps you with an affordable cost of paying rental cars.

    It is a global company functioning around 136 countries worldwide. It offers self-driven cars with a wide range of top most luxury cars. The company offers their services to 19 major cities in the nation. They provide the service in daily and weekly basis. For bookings, they offer applications on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones.

    Zoom Car
    Zoom is the new impressive service provider for renting a car in India. They work with a few major cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. They have 13 best models to prefer for a rider. You can choose the Nano as the cheapest among them. The Mercedes is the costliest and luxurious in the models. They offer flexible rental plans comparing to the other service providers. For bookings, they offer the iPhone and Android apps. You can enjoy riding for an hour or even months by using this service.

    ECO Rent a Car
    This company offers a wide range of car services like corporate rental, employee transportation, event transportation, etc. They provide these services through major cities like Agra, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Ranchi, etc. But the self-driven car services will function only in a few cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. They also provide luxury cars for their customers to attract them. They don't facilitate apps for bookings which are the major drawback with this company.

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