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    Comparatively which one is better? And why?

    Are you keen to know which is better among Lenovo Ideapad 310 and Lenovo G50-80 and why? Ask our technical experts for the most authentic answers.

    Which is better among Lenovo Ideapad 310 and Lenovo G50-80 and why? Please suggest for laptops with similar specs under 40K INR.
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  • Lenovo G50-80
    G50-80 is a top selling model in the Lenovo. It has great features with an affordable price range of Rs. 37,990. The display size has 15.6 inches wide with LED type. The resolutions provided by 1366 x 768 pixels on the laptop. The 5th generation processor is powered by Intel Core i5. The essential RAM memory comes with 8GB of DDR3 type. There are two slots given for the memory space for 1600Mhz in speed. The hard disk capacity gives you 1 TB of greater experience. The device runs on DOS with 64-bit type. The networking support of Bluetooth and Wireless LAN supported. The 65 w AC adapters have 4 cell lithium ion batteries. The life of the battery is 4 hrs. The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty for this device.

    Lenovo Ideapad 310
    The Ideapad 310 is the newest arrival of the Lenovo family. The display size and resolution are 15.6 inches and 1366 x 768 pixels respectively. The RAM size is 4 GB of DDR4 type and hard disk capacity comes with 1 TB. The device is powered by Intel Core i3 processor. It is a 6th generation processor. The speed of the RAM is 2133 MHz. The device runs in DOS with 64-bit type. The battery type is Lithium ion. The life of the battery is 5 hrs. The price of this model is Rs. 30, 890. The manufacturer warranty you could get 1 year.

    Comparing both these laptops, G50-80 gives you better features with good price. The specification tells you the difference among the laptops.

  • A brief comparison between the devices yields the following results -
    Lenovo G50-80
    The device has display size of 15.6 inches at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is powered by Intel Core i5 5th gen processor. You get 1 TB hard drive space and 8 GB of RAM capability. The device comes with DDR3 RAM. The cllock speed of G50-80 reads 2.2 GHz. Graphics are handled by AMD Radeon R5 M330. The laptop offers you a 4 hours battery back up.
    Lenovo Ideapad 310
    The device is powered by Intel i3 6th gen processor. The clock speed reads slightly lesser than G50-80 at 2.0 GHz. It comes with a 4 GB DDR4 RAM. The display and resolution remain same at 15.6 inches and 1366 x 768 pixels. Intel HD Graphics takes care of the graphics requirements. You get 1 TB of storage capacity. The battery back up is a little high rated at 5 hours.

    You can buy Lenovo G50-80 at Rs. 38 to 39000, while the cost of Lenovo Ideapad 310 is around Rs. 31000. Both of them appear quite equivalent in comparison except for a few minor differences. If you are budget centric, you can go for Ideapad 310. The G50-80 has a few beter features and can be a best buy if you are ready to spend a few more bucks.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here's the comparison between the two devices -

    Lenovo Ideapad 310

    This laptop has both i3 and i5 processor variations. Compared to the G50-80 the clock speed is slightly different because both the series of processors here are 6th generation. Also they work fine with hyper-threaded servers and the laptops. So they are good for gaming and other heavy graphic works. In case of the RAM, i3 device has the 4GB RAM and the i5 device has the 8GB RAM. Another additional thing that you can get is the 2GB Nvidia graphics for both the laptops.

    Check the i3 series of Ideapad 310 :

    You can check out the i5 series of Ideapad 310:

    1. i5 series has the 2GB Nvidia chipset.
    2. i3 series has the low price compared to the i3 series of G50-80.

    Lenovo G50-80

    This series has laptop with different processor speed. It has two variations in the market one with i3 processor series and another with i5 processor series. Each year different generation of i3 and i5 processors are added into this series. The i3 series of laptop for G50-80 have 4GB of RAM and 1TB of hard disk. And it has the Windows 10 operating system. In case of i5 series of laptop for G50-80 have the 8GB RAM. The difference in both processor increases the price for each series within this laptop series. Both the series of laptop does not have the NVidia graphics instead they have Intel integrated graphics.

    You can check out i3 series G50-80 laptop here :

    You can check oout i5 series G50-80 laptop here :

    You can find that as far as performance is concerned both i5 series laptop from both these series are good performing and have good reviews. Only difference is in the pricing and the graphics one gets from the Nvidia.

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