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    Question regarding privacy information.

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    I'd like to ask if it is possible for an IT expert to find out who uploaded an illegal youtube video including privacy information e.t.c? Though the video is deleted, and so is the channel but the video has been downloaded and saved. Is it possible for an IT expert to find out who uploaded that video? If it is, what should the person do who has uploaded the video to make it impossible for an IT expert to find him?
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  • I do not think it would be possible to find you. I assume that you have not listed the information in any of your videos. However, YouTube would want you to register your information such as your date of birth, gender and other details when you create your account. You can change the settings or remove them from this link. However, please note that Google or YouTube will be able to track you.

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  • Google's privacy policy for YouTube users and the user data protection agreement does not allow you to access that information. Also there is no way for even IT expert or security expert to decrypt 128bit SSL information and find out the user location and IP.

    However in case of the following scenario you can access the google's support network and demand the IP Address that was hosting the content on googles servers. For example following scenarios are open for people to ask for information.

    1. Terrorism. If police and the government of US and other countries can prove the data being used for terrorism, then they can ask for user information.
    2. Criminal activity. If the users account is used for criminal activity on YouTube then it is possible for asking for the data using the police guidance.

    However copyright, trademark and other information being shared does not lead to any way for google to give out information to every random user. You can't even ask them on stolen videos reason to demand the user information. In past many creators and the original video owners tried to legally sue such people but that didn't worked out. No hacker, and security expert can find out who owned that account from googles server.

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