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    Which helmet company to buy? MT vs HJC?

    Do you want a comparison between MT vs HJC, and want to know which helmet company would be the best to buy? Ask our technical experts for the most authentic answers.

    I ride Classic 350.I have heard about the incident with a 20-year-old boy died with an MT helmet (axis model- DOT and ECE certified). I am planning to buy an MT revenge which also includes the axis certification as well as SHARP with a 5-star rating. Should I go for MT Revenge or HJC CL-17 Helmet? Which is better in quality and safety?
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  • Well, the HJC brand appears to be good. MT has been approved by government authorities, but the recent case you mentioned has a sort of dimmed its safety claims. The accident that happened at Coimbatore was not much fatal and the MT helmet he was wearing should have been able to sustain the impact. It clearly goes to prove that the quality could be not that good.
    It should be noted that almost all global brands have been available in India since quite long. You can consider them apart from HJC. AJC, LS2, Bell, Arai and Shoei are some of the international helmet brands that have been better certified from the safety point of view. They are listed among the top 10 best brands in India.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • HJC CL17 seems to have good reviews as far as safety standards and the design is concerned. Most of the negative reviews however are on the wind issue with this helmet. It seems most of the highway users who have negatively voted for this helmet due to the fact that helmet's wind friction creates hum. This can be bad if you are using headphones. And during the morning this hum sound can be unpleasant on road while there is no noise outside. However as far as the price and the safety is concerned the product is rated on much better scale compared to MT revenge.

    MT Revenge offers value for money as far as the protection is concerned. Like HJC it does have the safety SHARP standard. And the wind noise suppression is lot better compared to HJC but still not upto the mark. Inserting ear plug is not so easy with the MT Revenge. You'd find that the area near the ears doesn't have the cushion either. So with that HJC CL17 seems to be taking the upper hand.

    If you do the feature wise comparison, you'd find HJC CL-17 a good value for money product. But MT Revenge wins if you are considering ear noise suppression and the safe helmet design.

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