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  • Best WiFi data card/dongles for 3G and 4G in India

    Are you searching for the best WiFi data card/dongles for 3g and 4g India? Our technical team is here to help you out.

    I am residing in a low network area having no broadband connection and having no wi-max connectivity. I am looking for a fast speed, low budget data card/dongle for bsnl/ or other 4g prepaid sim. Could you please help me find out the same soon? I am looking for a very positive response from my esteem experts.
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  • Please suggest also plug and play. I am in Punjab.Thanks

  • Try Reliance Netconnect Data card (anyone CDMA [if available] or GSM one) that will work better than the others or even better than 4G. This data card with WiFi will be helpful when roaming as well without any charges and without any signal or feasible issues.

    You may also try to use 4G Jio SIM associating WiFi service to system or other gadgets to browse them perfectly. The other option is of course BSNL and Tata data card.


  • Following networks have managed to properly upgrade their network in Punjab for the 3G and 4G services.

    1. Aircel
    2. Reliance
    3. Airtel
    4. Tata Docomo

    Aircel prepaid and postpaid plans are cheaper for the data. Though the service is not that consistent in Punjab. The plans for the postpaid dongle plans start from Rs 198 for 1.5GB. And the higher plans are capped with additional 1.5GB as the price increases.

    Airtel prepaid and postpaid plans start from 748Rs for unlimited data download. For 3G and 4G, it depends on the network so the speed is harder to quantify for entire region. Most of the plans after fair usage policy falls on the 2G Speed. Airtel prepaid plans are comparatively expensive than the postpaid plans.

    Reliance and Tata Docomo being on CDMA network, you'd find their plans cheaper and also being consistent. Though if your data usage is higher, then I won't recommend reliance. Instead choose Tata Docomo.

    Tata Photon Dongle plans start from Rs. 255 for Data: 1.5 GB and after the limit extra at Rs.0.1/10KB. Unlimited 3G data plans start from 799 Rs. It offers 6GB data at 3G speed and after the limit it gives unlimited 2GB for entire month.

    Reliance 3G/4G data plans for prepaid start from Rs. 61 per GB. And the plans are sorted on the basis of the data downloaded. There is no unlimited plan for the Wifi and Mini. Reliance JIO plans with Prime however has the postpaid plans that can handle the unlimited daily data and also on lower cost.

    As for Vodafone. They seem to have worst network coverage for data plans. So not worth it in Punjab region. Offers are also not much favorable as far as data consumption goes. So you may have to check out from Reliance JIO and Tata photon range of dongles for the data in 3G and 4G.

  • I would consider AirTel as the best option among all telecom operators currently available in Punjab. They have the best in class fibre network spread in Punjab and rest of the country.
    Video con had indeed been touted as the provider with a difference in the circle, but of late there have been reports that they are quitting mobile operations.
    Reliance Jio - if it has rolled out its services in Punjab can be the best where you can get better speeds. They invested in the technology with an eye on the future. It has been stated that their infrastructure is ready for the next generation of mobile services.
    It may not be wise for us sitting in one part of the country and commenting about the network performance in some other circle. All the views expressed here - including mine - will vastly depend on our experiences in our circles with our operators, and from that point of view, our views will be completely prejudiced. Indian telecom operators are never consistent across circles. As for me, Idea cellular has been one of the best here in Goa, but it has issues at my residence. If a telecom operator has been inconsistent within a city, I would not expect us to be in a position to comment on the status in another circle.I would advise you to consult someone from the local areas so that they will be able to provide you with a proper guidance.
    Hope some member from Punjab comes up with a response here.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • At this time nothing can beat Jio. It provides good signal strength even in remote areas. You should buy a JIo-Fi device which works like a router. Through this device you can connect up to 30 systems at a time.
    Jio-Fi is available at Rs.2400 along with 6 months of free 4G high speed data pack with a daily limit of 1 GB. If you have any old dongle or modem then you can exchange it with new Jio-Fi device by paying some extra money.
    Jio has also gained a lot of popularity by offering high speed 4G internet at very affordable price. In future, Jio will strengthen its network so you will get throttling data speed. So, I would suggest you to buy Jio-Fi only.

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