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  • What is the importance of IP address in pc or in network

    Do you want to know what is the importance of IP address in pc or in a network? Our technical team can provide you with the best possible answers.

    Generally, people talk in terms of the IP address when they deal with networking issues. Every PC has a unique IP address. I want to know what is an IP address. What every digit of it stands for? How do people get the information from a given IP address? How to know the IP address of a given PC?
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  • What is an IP Address?
    An IP address is that which designates a computer as a unique device on a network. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is basically a binary number that is used to identify a particular computer ( or any other device) on a TCP/IP network. IP address helps you to locate a computer or any device precisely.
    Internet Protocol is a set of guidelines and rules that help you complete tasks over the World Wide Web. It is synonymous with the mailing address that you may have and by means of which people send you letters.
    IP Address Standards
    Currently there are two IP Address standards used worlwide. IPV4 has been around since quite long and is supported by almost all networks. The standard has been on the way to be replaced by IPV6. The IPV 4 standard IP address has a length of four bytes whereas a IPV 6 standard uses 16 Bytes for the address. You will have a group of four numbers in IPV 4. Each of these numbers will be between 0 and 255. The human readable form of an IP address would be between and You may have noticed that IPV 4 uses dots to separate the groups. IPV 6 on the other hand uses colons to separate the groups. The system use hexadecimal system as compared to the decimal system used in IPV 4.
    There is yet another differentiation that IP addresses as Private and Public. Private IP address is used to communicate with another computer on LAN - Local Area Network. The Public IP address is used on the Internet and Wide Area Networks or WAN.

    How to know your IP address?
    There are many ways you can check your IP address. Some of them are :
    Using Google
    Type in ip address in the search field. On pressing ENTER, your public IP address will be displayed. The first result will be the IP address.
    From your router settings
    Access your router's web interface. You should be aware of the IP address of your router. Most common addresses are, and Your IP address should be available under Router Status or WAN page. The exact location will depend upon your router model.

    Using Command Prompt
    Launch Command Prompt. Type in ipconfig and press ENTER. The result will display your network information. Locate your active connection and look for IPV4 address.

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  • Here are answers to your questions.

    IP Address : IP stands for Internet protocol. The address generated by the device while connecting to the network remains unique to the device. Depending on the device choosing static and dynamic IP. You'd find that the number either changes per router reset or it remains the same for connected device connection.

    Digits of IP

    IPV4 address size is of 32 bit. And first 2 set of the IP represents the either binary, hexadecimal and octal numbers. Depending on the number set by your ISP. Rest of the set represents the connection and the device. As the maximum allowed numbers for the IPV4 are now exhausting and do not cover more devices anymore. The IPV6 was developed to address this issues. In case of IPV6 the number represents the unique local address followed by the network type, network connected and other information.

    Accessing information from device

    Server talk to each other in terms of packets. And are recognized on the basis of IP. So when one server sends the data to another. The log gets registers for the origin of packet. That's how the unique transfer of the data is being shown to the devices from one end to another.

    Identification of Device from IP

    When any device gets connected to network, it automatically gets assigned the IP address. You can find out the IP of the device from many ways.

    Open command prompt and type ipconfig. And this should show you the IPV4 address at the bottom of the returned query.

    As an alternative, if you google "what is my ip" then google will return you the IP Address information back.

    Apart from this, there are some small apps available in the store that can show you that information.

  • IP address: In simple terms IP address is the address given to your device so that network can identify your device. Same way as the address of our home which is unique.

    Earlier IP address given was 32-bit number i.e IPV4 but as the number of devices increased enormously there was a depletion of IPV4 address. So new version of IP was introduced as 128 bit number i.e. IPV6 address.
    In order to connect two computers so that communication can take place over network IP address is used. Just like you need your address to send any parcel to your home.

    To know the IP address of your PC you can simply type IP address in google search box or you can type ipconfig in command prompt.

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