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  • LG A/C(Inverter) Automatically switches on and off

    Is your LG A/C(Inverter) Automatically switches on and off? Ask our technical experts how to fix the issue.

    I am facing a strange problem with my year old LG A/C(Inverter) which Automatically switches on and off on its own when switched off while using remote. It keeps juggling this way, eventually making the remote operations not functioning at all. So post observing this pattern, I switched off my MCB switch for a week.

    I called up the service team to attend the same. Meanwhile post a week, switched on the MCB switch and switched on the LG Inverter A/C. It seemed to function normally for 15-20 minutes around 8 pm in the night.

    Then I switched it off using the A/C remote as the above was working fine (as it looked like). When we came to bed around 10:30 pm, switched on the A/C, we thought it started but it started to oscillate by switching off and on every now and then.

    Hence again I switched off the MCB switch. Can anybody throw some light on this problem? I am using Vguard triple booster stabilizer in the above context.
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  • There can be many reasons why the LG AC inverter is switching on and off of its own. Some of the most common reasons could be as follows -

    One of the most common issues is with the compressor. Dirt is likely to make this component have issues with starting up and turning itself off. Often it's switch goes on and off purely due to dirt. In such cases the service center usually cleans the coin and the compressor unit.

    Circuit board issue often causes the circuit to get into on and off mode. Most of the damaged resistor often create the issue and this means the board needs to be replaced. In this case however you should not keep the appliance without servicing mode for long. Better ask the service center repair person to take care of this.

    Another most common issue with the AC switching on and off is because of the sensors. They may faulty way detect the temperature. And this leads to creating more issues with the device shutting off. It may register cold before even the room turning cold and turn itself off. Same when the appliance is set for higher temperature. So this also needs fixing on the service center.

    Apart from this, you may find that the issue could be with the condenser and the timer. You may definitely need to fix that in such case. So I suggest asking the repair person which of these problems your appliance is having and get it repaired.

  • There are several reasons for an AC Inverter switching on and off all by itself.

    Timer issues
    There can be an issue with your timer. ACs with Energy saving label have a setting to turn off the system at some intervals. If the timer system has developed some glitches, it can cause your AC inverter to switch off and on erratically.

    A faulty circuit can also cause shutting down of your AC. Even the dirt inside the compressor can be a cause for the frequent switching on and off issues.

    A bad thermostat can lead to such issues. Even the location of the thermostat can cause the problem. If your thermostat is near the air vents, it can think your surroundings are cool and shut down the AC.

    The air filter might have gone dirty. In fact, a dirty filter is one of the most common causes in regular AC problems. A dirty filter blocks the air flow and can make your AC turn off. The thermostat will start it up and the cycle repeats itself.

    Condenser coils
    If the condenser coils get dirty, they may not be able to dissipate heat generated, This will make your AC shut off suddenly as it cannot handle the heat that stays within.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Hi All,
    Thanks for your responses above.

    Exact Issue was with the V-Guard Stabilizer unit (triple booster) wherein the relay failed and hence which lead to the above stated problem of "automatically switching ON/OFF of the LG A/c Unit". Booked a complaint with V-Guard Customer Service and they got it addressed in an hour or so. Swift Service Team of V-Guard!

    On the other hand, one should be surprised how did I nail down to the issue or drew my attention towards the V-Guard Stabilizer in the above context? I switched off the A/c Unit or Circuit Breaker for a week or so and in random switched it on which in turn lead / powered up my V-Guard Stabilizer wherein I noticed a delay in the unit getting started (apart from the pre-defined conventional time to start-up the unit). And that caught my attention. I compared the scenario with Other Stabilizer Unit's in the home and the current unit outshined on the delay part!

    Eventually, we can now understand the issue was due to improper relay of the Stabilizer to A/c Unit! Hope this helps to other users who would watch this space with such problems apart from the above two responses on this thread!

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