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  • How to become Software reseller or partner?

    Are you keen to know how to become a Software reseller or a partner? Ask our technical experts to guide you through. Want to become reseller for CRM software?

    Software and its different packages are in demand ever, in most of the developing industries especially in technology and its associated industries. They are highly dependent? on it. It is all about changing the phases from manual to automated one though little manpower is required. However, how to join in this software business, how to become a Software partner or join the resellers? For example, how to become reseller or partner of Avaya software, or different brands of Cloud computing, SAP CRM, Agile CRM, Infusionsoft etc.? Can I become a reseller for CRM software and make good income? Does popular CRM products in India like Maple CRM work with resellers?

    What are the basic requirement to join and become Software reseller in the respective brands? What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming Software reseller? Can one become two different brands partner? With whom the reseller need to deal with? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Resellers and partners are treated like in house sales people. And they get larger percentage compared to the affiliates. Most of the MNC brands have a lot of higher requirements for the reseller.

    For example, Avaya resellers require the distributor to have large percentage of region covered. And they also look at the capacity of the reseller to get conversion. Compared to franchise option, reseller are required to prove their capacity to meet more sales goals and their command over a particular region in a niche. You can find that re-sellers such as Reddington and Ingram micro are top sellers for variety of software and hardware products in India.

    Here are some basic requirements most of the software brands require for the re-sellers.

    1. Meet the revenue requirement per month for the brand.
    2. Go through formal training to promote the brand for the re-sellers sales department.
    3. Mandatory registration of business with brand and initial investment for the product or service sales.
    4. Register on the partner portal of the brands website for tracking the sales.
    5. Incorporate the brands offering in the existing services or products.

    These are the typical set of workflow that is applicable to brands like Microsoft, Amazon and other software brands who are making use of partners and distributors. The investment and training requirement for the reseller partner varies from each software brand.

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