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    The best way to resize the image or photo

    Are you keen to know the best way to resize the image or photo taken wit your smartphone? Ask our technical experts to guide you through.

    What is the best procedure to make lesser size of the photos taken from the Smartphone? Most of the latest smartphone photo comes above 500kb or 1MB size and hard to resize it from the phone itself. So, if I want to use those photos for article or online then how to resize it so that page loading issue may not occur? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Well, there are several ways with which you can resize your photos. I would suggest the following ways for the purpose-
    Using online services
    There are several web services available which will help you resize your photos. Some of the worthwhile examples can be picresize,Resize Your Image,Shrink Pictures,Web Resizer and Resize Pic. Upload the images to the service. The services have a maximum size permitted. Almost all the services offer you several options to choose from. Select the quality you want. Set the quality of the output image. Download the resized image.

    Using MS Paint
    Microsoft Paint can be a good option to resize your image files. Launch MS Paint. Navigate to the image you would wish to resize. Click on the Resize option. If you are running the newer version of MS Office, it should be available under Home tab. In the older versions, you can find it under Images tab. Ensure that you have checked Keep Aspect Ratio box. Now, choose the resize method depending upon whether you want to use Pixel Size or Percentage. I would advise using Percentage option. Click on OK. Your image will be resized. Once done, click on Save As and save the file with the file name of your choice.

    Open the file you want to resize in Google Picasa. If the image is not in your Picasa library, you may need to add it. Click on File and choose Export Picture to Folder. Choose the folder you want to save it. Now choose the resize option under Resize to radio option. Also click on the Image Size drop down box and choose the quality. I advise to use the Automatic option. Click on Export to save the file.

    There are several other tools you can use to resize your images. Photoshop and GIMP are a couple of other services that are really helpful in getting your image files resized.

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  • Here are some of the options for you to resize the image take from your smartphone.

    Canva App

    This app is definitely one of the good app that you can try for resizing, editing and modifying the image. It helps you make the changes to the image from the app on smartphone. It can also be used on desktop browser. It can do the image compression and reduce a lot of file size.

    Aviary App

    Aviary app allows a lot of features when it comes to photo editing. The app seems to be good for adding effects and modification. It can resize and reduce the size that fits for the smartphone.


    If you don't want to use any app or online services, then this is the one stop shop for any image related requirement. It can reduce the size of the image, modify it and also export it in a different image formats. That way you can easily manipulate for lot of changes.

    Image resizer

    This online service can do the resolution and the format specific image resizing tasks. It is free of cost and all you have to do is upload image, set the resolution and work on the edits. You can access the site here :

    IrfanView and XNView

    These two desktop based apps are good options for modifying the images taken from phone. They can deliver on lot of good quality exports. So I'd suggest taking a look at the software.

    These are some of the options for you to edit and resize images.

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    Online method:
    Open the web application, there are many web services that will resize your images for free. You will need to upload your image to the site and then choose your resize options.
    Several of the more popular sites include:
    1. picresize
    2. Resize Your Image
    3. Shrink Pictures
    4. Web Resizer

    You can resize images offline too:
    1. Using Microsoft Paint:
    (a) Open the file in Microsoft Paint. Click File and then Select Open.
    (b) Click the Resize button. In newer versions of Paint, the Resize button is located in the Home tab. In older versions of Paint, click the Image menu, and then select Resize/Skew.
    (c) choose your resize method. You can resize by either percentage or by pixel size. If you keep the "Maintain aspect ratio" box checked.
    (d) Click OK and save.

    2. Using Offline Image Compression Tools:
    (a) Caesium Image Compressor
    (b) PNG Optimizer
    (c) RIOT
    (d) PNG Gauntlet

    3. Using PICASA
    (a) Open file in PICASA
    (b) Click File and then select Export Picture to Folder. This will open the Export to Folder window. You can specify where you want the photo to be saved to.
    (c) In the "Image size" section, you can choose to use preset image sizes, or specify an exact pixel size.
    (d) Click the "Image quality" dropdown menu. Automatic will attempt to preserve the original quality as much as possible.
    (e) Click Export when ready. Your newly adjusted image will be copied to the location that you specified.

    3. Use Adobe photoshop:
    (a) Open the image in Photoshop. Click File and select Open.
    (b) Open the Image Size tool. Click on the Image menu and then select Image Size. This will open the Image Size window.
    (c) Choose your resize method. You can choose to resize in pixels, inches, or percentage. Enter the value you want in one field and the other field will be updated automatically to keep proportions the same.
    (d) Choose your re-sample options. The "Resample Image" menu will allow you to make adjustments that will affect the final quality of the resize.
    (e) Click OK to resize the image.

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