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    Problems with Android. Please help me

    Are you facing trouble with your Android device? Ask our technical experts to help you in sorting out the issue.

    I am using Samsung core 2. After successfully rooting my device, everything was fine until I installed ROM to update my phone to marsh mallow. During installation, the system UI stopped working. Then I got my phone repaired from the shop. My device is working but it is half Rooted.

    When I installed the root checker it showed me your device is not rooted But when I checked my phone
    status it shows me that your device is rooted. But no root is accessible and no app is working on my device. Also, it shows UID on the system are inconsistent, wipe cache partition. I am unable to make it work. Please help.
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    From the description you have provided, it is not clear what exactly is your issue. You have stated that you have already rooted your phone.
    Check if you can reroot your device. Was it working fine when you rooted it? If you have backed up your system image by taking a Nandroid backup, you should be able to restore your system to the system ROM. If not, try reroot.
    Some newer like lineageOS do not come with root access. If you install such ROMs, you may need to reconfigure your root permissions. That's precisely what happens with me. After every update of the lineageOS ROM, I need to flash the superSU on my phone through recovery. That could be the case ifor you too.
    I have suggestion. Check if it works for you. Go to and check if any build exists for your phone. Download it to you PC. Download latest version of superSU from the official website. Perform a clean install of the ROM. You will need to install corresponding Gapps package as well. Then install superSU. Once all the three zip packages are installed , reboot your system. Hopefully, all your issues should be gone.
    Please note that senders install of ROM will remove all your personal data from your device. Take care to take a back up of your important data before performing claen install.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Please help me to re root my device. I have rooted it from king I am not able to re root it.

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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    If your device is rooted, it is very critical to access applications on the device. Once the device gets rooted, it is difficult to install new apps. Only a few apps can be accessible, but you can't update those apps. Rooting the device becomes crucial for accessing it normally. It is very difficult to update the operating system. So, you need to flash your device with Samsung Kies or mobile Odin pro versions. When the device is flashed, you will lose the control of root access. The mobile looks like newer for use. It allows you to re-root your device.

    Currently, you had rooted with King User. You need to remove the King User root application from your device. Open the settings of the app, click the 'Root authorizing setting'. You will find the 'Remove root permission’; there you will see the un-root status. Enter the clear button to proceed with the un-rooting. Once the un-root is completed, you will be required to restart your device for completion.

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    You didn't mention which custom ROM you used for the new installation. Some of the custom ROMs such as MIUI, Mochi ROM and few others don't allow the root access for everyday usage. In such case they require you to manually root and unroot the device. By default it stays unrooted device. So your case maybe falling into that category.

    However the device you are using shows it is rooted but root checker apps are not able to verify that. In such case try installing apps which require root access. If the default root is enabled, then the apps should not cause any issues or ask for rooting again. If the app asks for root access then you can validate that the root was not enabled by new ROM.

    You can re root the device using supersu in current context. As your kinguser root seems to be failing on some parts. You can find plenty of guides out there that can allow you to reroot with the supersu.

    Another option in this case is find alternative ROM or default Google marshmallow ROM image and try to make use of that with supersu and go with the fresh install. That should take care of the issue.

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