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  • What is Google Assistant? How does it work?

    Have you got questions about what is Google Assistant? How does it work? Ask our technical experts to know about it in detail.

    Recently, I have heard of Google Assistant. It was only for Google's particular products but now it is available for other devices as well. Somewhere I read that it is working on Artificial Intelligence. What actually we can expect from it? Can you please explain in detail about Google Assistant? How does it work? What benefits we're going to get from it.
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  • What is Google Assistant?
    Well, as the name itself indicates, Google Assistant is the personal assistant from Google. It has been developed as a stiff competitor to the likes of Siri and Cortana. You can consider it to be an extension of Google Now. As you may be aware already if you are on the latest versions of Android, Google Now picks up all you do and provides alerts, reminders and suggestions in the form of cards. Google Assistant takes it a step further. It amalgamates all this experience into an AI experience.

    How Does it Work?
    As I said, Google Assistant takes the Google Now experience a step further. It is designed to be conversational in nature. It is comparable to Siri and Cortana in that context. You can put a query to Google Assistant and then follow it up with further questions on the same topic. The AI will understand your queries contextually and respond accordingly.

    The platform was launched with and on Google Pixel devices. Other devices had a taste of it through the limited functionality on Google Allo. Google has now announced that the service will be available on Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat devices as part of the core Google apps. It will be done through Google Play Services update. In addition, it will also be made available for Google Home, Android Wear 2 and Android TV as well.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Google Assistant is a personal assistant by Google. It is always there for help. It provides voice recognition for Android and other Operating Systems. There are several instructions provided by this assistant. You will need to know how to discover your questions. In case of safety and security, Google Assistant gives you the choice for what you can share and when it could be done. It helps you to manage and take control other services. You get an option to delete your past conversation with the Google Assistant in any situation.

    You can use this assistant just by touch and holding the home button. Also, by saying "Ok Google", which makes you use this assistant. It provides many services like managing tasks, planning your day, enjoying entertainment, making memories, getting answers and controlling your home.

    Silent Features
    1. Managing tasks to send text, setting reminders, tuning on your battery saver and getting instant emails.
    2. Plan your day to day activities by setting priority.
    3. Play your own music as in your control.
    4. Collecting your photos for greater memories.
    5. Get quick answers. Score updates, weather report, and traffic updates are some of them.
    6. Controlling your home is simple with the assistant. In your absence, the assistant will control the lighting and the temperature of your home.

  • Google assistant is a personal assistant bot feature introduced in products such as Allo, Google home and few other google products. It is designed to give help through web and other internal features. Users will be able to get answers, set scheduling and automation tasks through this features. This was primarily designed to compete with Alexa bot from Amazon. Later it was integrated in other products apart from Google home.

    Here's how it works.

    In case of products such as Allo and Google home, you'll have to either type the instruction or use voice for certain commands. If the assistant accepts the commands, it can immediately offer the results based on the query.

    For example you can put a reminder using the following command.

    Set a reminder for tomorrow

    After this query, you can choose the theme for your reminder. And the assistant will set the reminder.

    Show me nearby

    This query will show you the nearby hotels and the movie theaters. Apart from that it can also show the places which are worth visiting using the google travel feature.

    Show me my emails

    This is handy query that will trigger the gmail app. And you'd be able to view your emails.

    Apart from these the google assistant can take query for showing you funny YouTube videos. It can show you horoscope. It can tell you a joke. You can ask it to remind you for someone's birthday.It can wish you birthday too. You may find that some features are not yet polished but they can work good so far. Currently these features work with google home, Allo and few other products.

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