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  • WiFi connectivity issue between Android phone and the Laptop

    Are you facing any WiFi connectivity issue between your Android phone and the Laptop? Ask our experts how to provide you with the best solution.

    Sometimes I am using Android phone's WiFi net connectivity through portable hotspot option in my Laptop by pairing it and setting a password to browse. But if I put the password for hotspot and WiFi then both of them doesn't connect at all. And if I don't set any password and use the open connection, then both the Android smartphone hotspot and Laptop network connectivity work fine and the browsing does not face any issue at all. However, the problem is, if I don't set any password for it doesn't remain secure as others get to access its connection and the browsing speed slows down.

    So, how to let both of these work by setting a password without any issue. Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • There is a problem with your laptop, if you set/change a password in your Android hotspot or any other hotspot every time you'll have to change the password in your laptop[network and internet-manage wireless network].
    The problem is that your laptop always save the password for the hotspot which you are connecting your laptop with. So next time either you keep the same old password in your android hotspot or you keep the security open.
    If you alter the android hotspot password you'll have to update in this way.
    -Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Manage Wireless Networks.

    Here you can see all the hotspot device list you have ever connected to your laptop, now choose the android hotspot and then Right click on it and Click on Properties. Go to Security tab. Here you can see Network Security key just update it whatever password you have set/changed in your android hotspot. Press ok.
    Now try and connect your android hotspot, it will work. Let me know if there is still any problem with your connection?

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  • This connectivity issue often happens due to DHCP settings. In case of the IP address shifting between the fixed and dynamic IP address, the same change on the desktop doesn't get reflected. This results in the connectivity break in between your Android hotspot and the laptop. This means if the connection from your telecom if is in vicinity of 2G network which has persistent data packet issue, this leads in irregular IP address shifting. And unless your Android phone handles that with any specific app, you'd find that any connecting app you have many issues with maintaining connectivity.

    This problem can be partially solved using Wifi Manager apps. These apps are known to maintain the DHCP connectivity issues. They can properly handle the toggling that happens due to telecom providers connection. Some of the apps that can help set the proper Android hotspot are - WiFinder, Android Wifi Manager and WiFi Overview 360. If this continues to persist I think finding a third party Wifi device would be lot better e.g. like Vodafone mini. As those devices don't have such IP address toggling issues.

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