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    What are Software Application to install in Mobiles to earn Money?

    Are you keen to know if there are any Software Application available for the Mobiles that can earn you Money? Ask our technical experts for the right set of information.

    Can Software Application be installed in our phones to earn money? What are the software Applications that can be used to earn money through Mobile? Are these software Apps be downloaded from the Google Play store? Which are the free software App are there to download games, that pay the users?
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  • Well, there are many apps that let you earn money - real money from your Android device. However, the money you earn is not much and also it needs a lot of handwork from your end. Some of the apps that may help you are

    This is an app that has tie ups with different online stores. It will need you to complete certain challenges and you earn SquadCoins for every task completed. You can redeem the SquadCoins earned with PayUMoney points or transfer it to your PayTM wallet.

    You just need to use the screen locker for earning money with this app. You can swipe to left while unlocking your phone and thus gain reward points. You earn coins for every time you use the app. These coins can be redeemed through Paypal or Google Reward card.

    Earn Money
    The app lets you earn money by downloading the apps. There are other ways of earning money like watching a video or completing a survey. The pay per task is quite low.

    You will need to watch TV shows or download music through the app to earn rewards. There is a feature named Viggle Live which lets you earn money by answering questions about a show, when the show is on air.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the apps that pay you real money for using it.

    1. Slidejoy

    This app makes use of the slide locking system ads. And the amount of ads you watched makes you points. This in turn can be used for the paypal cashout. You need minimum 5$ worth of points to cashout. Do note that the ads are visible only when you are connected to internet. Also ads are not that frequent.

    2. Screenwise Media Panel App

    This app is very simple to use. Just sign up to the screenwise media panel and download the app. Once logged in just run in the background. This will collect data from your phone and rewards you starting from 100 Rs onwards. And final rewards sticks at monthly price of 200 Rs. The cashout will be done in vouchers of flipkart, jabong, and few other shopping network sites.

    3. Perk FM

    This site from perk can get you vouchers or paypal payout. Depending on the amount of ads and videos that you watch through the app, it will reward you accordingly. It can pay anywhere from few points to 100. And the cashout can be done on paypal. It requires lot of time to accumulate the points for some vouchers and paypal.

    4. Tapcash

    This app pays you for evaluating some of the apps. And here you have to keep the app running for some time. And after that you get paid in points. Once the points are accumulated then you can then choose to withdraw with paypal. You may have to use the tapcash for vouchers or paypal. In case of paypal your points need to reach amount that equals to 5$ worth of paypal credit.

    5. Swypr

    This is basically an ad network that shows the 6 seconds video ad while you are getting the call. Once you get the call the ad stops. And this way one can make some money. Though not every call is monetized. Also the ads run only when you are connected to the network. The payout is not that good but it can be one good option for those with lot of calls and unlimited internet access.

    6. Cashpirate

    This is one of the multifunction app. This app pays through various tasks. For example, you have to watch other videos in the apps recommendation. You also have to download the apps. You can complete online surveys etc. These all are going to pay you in terms of points. And these points then can be withdrawn to cash.

    These are some of the few apps that you can download and make money. Do note that there are plenty of other apps and reward system on Android apps that can be useful. But you have to watch out for those who are merely time wasters.

  • Here are some of the apps that are making you earn real money.

    Squad Run
    This app is used for various tasks to complete and earn your Squad Coins from it. You need to collect more and more coins. They are called missions. For this, you need to create an account using Facebook. Then you need to verify your mobile number. For joining, there is an offer, you will receive 600 Squad Coins in your account. Your account will be redeemed to Paytm wallet. Whenever you collect Squad Coins, it will be transferred to Paytm wallet. Also, you can transfer that money into your banking accounts.

    This app is different from all other apps. You need to capture different pictures and incidents around you. Those snaps will be used for media in any purpose. Whenever you feel different things happening around you just take a snap with this app. This app will pay for every snap which is taken using this app.

    This app allows you to earn rewards just by swiping your mobile phone. This app basically discovers new deals, coupons, articles, news and much more in your lock screen. Whenever you unlock your screen you will earn reward points. It is simple and flexible that whenever you engage with your ads you will earn reward points. You will be paid through PayPal.

    The app will let you earn points. For this, you need to install this app and start doing some major activities which you did normally online. Searching, shopping, playing games, watching videos are some of those activities which you need to do in this app to earn points. You don't need to do all the activities every day. Plan your task and do that routinely. You will be paid through PayPal.

    This app will let you view ads and play games to earn your reward points. Every day you will get like lottery tickets and you need to scratch it. You will be getting around 5 to 10 reward points. These points will be turned into cash or gift cards. Sometimes you may get a chance to reward $10,000 as a bumper prize like the lottery. Everything will happen by your in just scratching the cards.

    This app helps you to do like shopping. You need to visit the store, browse it, and buy products. Some stores will let you get reward points for viewing the store carts. Others will make you buy products to get reward points. It is different for each and every store. Before you commit any actions, just check them out in the stores.

    Survey on the Go
    This app is one of the best paying cash rewards instead of rewarding points. You need to answer for survey questions. Sometimes the questions are short and long. Everything you got it by direct cash rewards. Due to the direct cash technique, it is the bigger advantage over survey system.

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