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  • How to share and use printers in Server-Client Network?

    Are you interested in knowing how to share and use printers in Server-Client Network? Ask our technical experts to provide you with the latest information.

    I am having a server, we're using Windows Server 2007 on it. I have multiple clients using various OS like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have few printers installed for few clients of this network. Some of these Clients are working fine and I can use the printer. But I have a Printer on Windows 7 Client, and it has been shared on a network which I am not able to connect with the other client. When it comes to adding network device and printers, it is asking for user name and password. Please explain how I can establish the connection.
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  • Windows 7 can be configured as both host and client for the printer sharing. I assume that you want to use your Windows 7 for the client printing connection.

    Here are some of the steps to make the connection from Windows 7 as a printer.

    1. Click on start button and go to control panel.
    2. Go to network and sharing center.
    3. Go to Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
    4. Find out the home or the private network under which this computer has access to other computers.
    5. Click on the network with which you want to share printer as a host or client.
    6. Find the option for printer sharing in settings.
    7. Turn on the option "File and Printer Sharing".
    8. Save the changes.
    9. Reboot the system.

    This takes few seconds usually but some of the time reboot is required if the network is not properly detected. So you have to go through the above steps unless proper network is established.

    If it is asking for username and password for the public network, then you have to provide if it was set during the home or private network sharing options. If it is not set, then you have to reset the network sharing options at host and then reconnect your client machine for printer sharing.

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