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  • Can autorun.inf file be deleted from sdcard by Android without using pc

    Do you want to find out if autorun.inf files can be deleted from SD cards by Android without using PC? Ask our technical experts to provide you with the right answer.

    I connected sdcard once to my pc using a memory card reader and since then a file autorun.inf forcibly resides on my sdcard which my android phone cannot delete. I am told this file can be removed only by Windows PC, but I want to know why android is unable to delete this file, as SD cards are always having as read/write functionality by default?
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  • Autorun.inf is a type of virus file. You can safely delete this file from your memory card or pen drive and it will not harm your pen drive, memory card or PC in any way. However, there is no way that you can remove the file from the Android system itself. You will need to connect the card to your PC to remove the virus file.

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  • One of the frequent virus file is Autorun.inf. Actually it is not a virus, but an executable file or information. Normally it is created from simple coding in a text file. These files come along with some of the system software. It is easily transferable. If you connect SD card, Pendrive or any other external drives, you can easily transfer it from one device to another.

    Here you have been affected by the autorun.inf file in your SD card. Some of the autorun.inf file can be deleted without the help of PC. But some of the autorun.inf file can be deleted only with PC. It depends on the information inside the file. It is because, an SD card function depends on your device setup. Even if SD cards are having read and write modes, some folders and files cannot be handled with your android device. It is because system files cannot be handled through android devices. It can only be handled with the PCs.

    Here try with this method before going to PC. In some rare scenarios this will work out within your Android devices. .
    Using Android Apps: First follow some of the android virus removal software that could remove your autorun.inf file from your SD card. Here are some of the apps:
    1. Phone Virus Remover
    2. Clean Master
    3. Total virus scanner & remover
    4. Task manager
    5. 360 security
    6. Virus remover android info
    7. Dr.Web security space
    8. Virus exe remover
    9. Memory card virus scan
    10. Security & Anti-virus cleaner
    Note that this is just a trial to remove the autorun.inf without using PC. After using this method if you can't delete the autorun.inf, then you need to connect with your PC only.

  • If the SD card is formatted using Android phone, will it remove the autorun.inf file by wiping the entire content?

  • Since the Autorun.inf file is transferable, it may have chances of being transferred into the internal storage. These autorun.inf files are system files; they can access all the contents from your device. Some of them are like, frequently used apps, documents, contacts and so on. Even if you format your SD card, there are 20% of chances of them to be remaining in your device. But 80% chances are that autorun.inf file have been removed from your android device. Since there is only less chance of this virus which may cause harm to your device, you need not worry about it. But for better precaution, don't connect your android device to your PC till you confirm that your PC is safe from this sort of autorun.inf files.

  • With respect to your additional query to the original question, I am presenting my second response ( However, please avoid posting additional queries in a single question. Kindly come up with a new question if needed)
    You may be able to get rid of Autorun virus from your memory card by formatting your memory card. I would advise you to use a memory card reader or such peripherals to format your card rather than doing so on your phone itself.
    However, being a virus you may not be able to ensure that it has not moved or replicated itself into the internal storage of your device. In such a scenario, it may be necessary to remove the virus by connecting your device to the PC or laptop and following the regular practices of removing the virus.
    There are a few apps that support removing the autorun virus from your device. But, I would not go with the apps that are not reliable. Check if your antivirus program on your device ( actually smartphones do not need any antivirus. They do nothing more than hogging the resources) can handle the virus effectively. Opting for third party apps may in itself may be a little harmful.

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  • There is a lot of misconception about the Autorun.inf file. It is not a virus per se, but the file that gets used by the Virus to attach themselves with bootable media or folders.

    Autorun.inf is a file designed by Microsoft for the bootable device to run the boot up the options when connected. This file is responsible for showing the boot options for say like USB, DVD, CD when they are inserted. They present the menu option popup dialogue based on the available content in the removable media.

    However when any virus gets into removable media which is writable like USB drive or USB based devices. In such cases, the virus is going to host itself on the autorun.inf file.

    Autorun.inf file is editable in notepad. And it is the file that you may find that Virus are going to write the bootable entry. So if the autorun inf file is booted and the user chooses the option, then that leads to the virus being executed. Often RAT and Malware are executed through such executable file.

    Note Autorun.inf is Windows specific file so Android may not even able to use it in the same way that Windows does. So it may not even affect the device. So you may have to remove the SD card and then put it into a card reader and get it scanned on Windows desktop.

    You can use the following security application for checking the security issues.

    1. MalwareBytes Antimalware : This needs to be run if your SD card has the malware infection.

    2. AVG (or any other antivirus) : This can be run if the Autofun.inf has the virus or Trojan infected files.

    3. Rootkit detector: This needs to be checked if your SD card has a rootkit installed on it.

    4. Android Antivirus (e.g. 360 Internet App): This needs to be run if the infection on the file is Android specific.

    This should solve your SD card related security issue. The format option for the device also works if you wish to get rid of the bootable viruses and Trojans.

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