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    Can we really earn money using Mobile Apps?

    Do you want to be sure if we can really earn money using Mobile Apps? Ask our technical experts to clear all your doubts.

    Mobile apps have almost replaced web apps. I have heard people saying that we can earn money using Mobile Apps, I did try a few but I doubt!'
    Now I am asking you experts, can we really earn money using or working with Mobile Apps? I understand the Mobile Apps Development stuff and that is genuine way to earn but what about the mobile apps which says earn money using mobile apps? Please explain.
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  • Well, there are many mobile apps that claim to help you earn money. But the money so earned does not run into any huge amount to make you a millionaire.
    There are apps that let you install other apps so that you earn money. But, do you really need those apps? You will go on installing apps just because your account dashboard keeps adding money into your account. The cash benefits offered are quite minimal. Moreover, you do not really earn the money in cash. The amount you earn is needed to be utilised in the form of e-vouchers or mobile recharges. I do not think it is indeed worth the effort. Also these apps recognise if you have installed a particular app in the past. That would mean only the first installation of an app will earn you money. Subsequent attempts at installing the same app ( after uninstalling the originally installed one) will not work.
    There is one app named SquadRun which claims to be one of the best in helping you earn some decent income. I have not tried the app, but there have been reports that it is quite good in terms of earning some decent money. The money you earn can be transferred to your PayTM account and then to bank account.
    Then there are certain apps that let you shoot images of important events and share them on the network. The photos so shared will not have any intellectual property rights and as such will be used by media journalists.
    Please take note that the normal kind of apps that would expect you to download apps to earn rewards would not be a good idea. Look for specific apps that let you do something useful.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are so many apps which revolving in the Google Play Store that tells you install and earn cash credits. These apps make you to install it first. Then you need to install every app which it provides that gives you some cash credit. These cash credits are moved into your account in the app. It clearly shows you need to install apps which it provides. After you install those apps, you will get these credits. Installing those apps will fetch your mobile data. You won't feel those apps were useful for you in your mobile. If you really need those apps to be installed, then you can install those apps and use it. These apps will provide some rules to get those cash credits. If you install these apps, every app needs to be working for at-least 24hrs in your mobile. Then only you will be getting those cash credits. After you get those cash credits you can't use it directly. Your cash credit will be transferred to Paytm account and from there you can use it.

  • You can make money from your Android phones. Depending on the type of app that you are going to use the money that you earn will surely vary.


    This app is on invite basis these days. And it allows you to do trivia, puzzles, video watching and app locking. So using these features you can earn some points. And you can make some good vouchers to the Dominos McDonalds etc. It also has the PayPal withdraw option. Do note that it's not easy to reach withdrawal here but once earned you can either get a cash or voucher for it. It's a very popular app these days as it's easy to earn points but harder to reach the point where you can make withdrawals.


    This app requires you to install other apps. And you earn some points from it. And once you reach some specific set of points then you can withdraw for the cash in PayPal. It's easy to earn points by installing other points. But your phone or tablet gets cluttered. And this means you need to use your spare phone for the same. You also require a lot of space for making money by installing apps. But it can earn 5$ or around just fine.


    This app is basically an app locker. So it locks the smartphone and shows ads before opening the lock. It means you may have to use this app on regular basis and while connected to internet. This way you can easily earn some money. Though don't expect to get paid more than 5$ from such apps.


    I use this app to post my images. And then if someone buys photos from my account, then I get paid. This also helps when I want to make money from the photos which I can't sell elsewhere. It pays 5$ per sold photo. And you get paid that amount. As they are going to sell the photos for an amount around 10$ or so. It's hard to make money as the quality of images getting sold usually means the DSLR level photos get sold quickly than camera photos.


    This is a social network where you may find people posting images and status like Facebook. And they get paid based on the likes. So you may have to find a large social group to join for making money here. Usually college group makes good money here. The payout is in 5$ increment like say, 5, 10 etc.

    These are some of the apps that you can use to make money. Do note that it is extremely hard to make money with apps. And you have more luck by creating your own website and selling content to them.

  • There are several Mobile applications through which you can simply earn money by doing simple tasks or watching adds.

    1. Task Bucks : In this app you can earn money by referring this app to any friend or participate in different contests which are held several days within a month and the winner will be rewarded with cash or you can download several apps and will have cash immediately after downloading and registering with that app. This cash can be used to recharge your mobile phone or you can simply transfer the cash to your paytm wallet.

    2. DON : In this app you can win daily lucky draws where you can participate and win cash awards or if you will refer this app to anyone you can earn good amount of money and the same money can be transferred to paytm wallet.

  • I found a few legitimate websites in the article: and most of them pay through Paypal.

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